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Hi all,

As my previous post yesterday ( I nearly threw the towel in) I have now made it to day 5. I really can't believe I have stuck with it for this long. Yesterday was really really hard. I was at the park with my 4 year old son and was ready to go to the shop and buy bacon and eggs! But I came home, had my chicken soup a black coffee, litre of water and put the laptop on and came on here. And surprisingly enough I felt better.
Then after my chocolate shake for tea we watched a film in bed and I could feel my tummy rumbling like mad and was craving toast! But I thought it's 10pm, what's the point in having something now when I have struggled all day to get through?
Anyway here I am on day 5 and I hope it is better today. Any advice?
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Well congrats on getting this far, im on day 17 now and i never thought i would get here to be honest..the first week was so awful for me.. i know everyone keeps saying it gets easier and its so hard to believe.. but it does. it becomes like second nature.. i find as long as i have my shakes at the same time everyday now my stomach doesnt rumble anymore and i keep a litre bottle of water on me at all times to stop the dry mouth thing..bleugh. So congrats and stay strong, its great when you see the belly disappearing, trust me, nothing tastes as good as that hee hee! keep us updated on your weigh in... not long more now!!
Thank you!

Thanks for that. Wow day 17..... I can't imagine what that would feel like to get that far! How have you stuck with it for that long?

I just hope that the devil stays off my shoulder long enough to see me through the week, just think by tomorrow I will be saying, well I am on day six, weigh in tomorrow. I will be so proud of myself. Keep thinking good thought's!!!
I'm with ya Emmam! Day 5 too yay. Well done us.

Cannot wait for sat either to weigh .. In WW I'd be dreading weigh in day ... But I'm excited!
Today seems to be my first struggle .. Not with food though .. Just lack of energy!

Slept last night 7 pm (madness so early) to 6am, still knackered today! Eh this morning I was thinking I'll hit the gym after work but now I'll be lucky to drive home with out nodding!

How about you are you finding it tiring? Or is it more the hunger?

I think I'll go a have a nice black coffee now to get me set for the drive home at 4!
You can keep going! Don't give in!

I nearly jumped out of my skin watching my OH eating a plate of c**ps ... I had to resist the urge to snatch just one little one and suck the flavour out of it yesterday at lunch ... So sad as it was I had a cup of coffee and ate it with a spoon and imagined it was soup!

Keep going it will be worth it!
Well Done i'm on day 4 and the smell of food is driving me mad but yay nearly bedtime so no temptations (unless I dream about food and end up eating my pillow :pillowfight:
Lol don't joke it could happen .. A delicious mouth full of pillow stuffing!

Yep I'm in the bed already Watching TV (couldn't face the gym) .. Best solution is escaping the food!
Thanks guy's

I know I need to keep going but it is so hard :sigh:

I will do the same as Becky. Boo I think and go to bed with some water and watch a film away from the kitchen. Tomorrow I will only have one more day and then I get weighed. If this does not get any easier by Saturday I am going to Slimming world.
Lol Becky.Boo I'm predicting tomorrow morning a thread title saying "I've eaten my pillow stuffing last night will that effect my Ketosis" :8855:

I've defiantly found it harder to amuse myself than normal, I've even taken to tackling the massive ironing pile :eek: It is hard but I bet the results will be worth it xx
I've defiantly found it harder to amuse myself than normal, I've even taken to tackling the massive ironing pile :eek: It is hard but I bet the results will be worth it xx

Oh btw I meant the weight lose not the ironing pile :D
All you can do is keep trying Emmam .. Hopefully you will wake up tomorrow and it will be a bit easier .. Plus keep an eye on the scale I would say a good loss does wonder for your inner strength!

Hey needing distractions has a it's positives! Lol even if it's just being a domestic goddess!

Well there is most likely some good flavour in the pillow stuffing ... So it might be enjoyed! oh god has it come to this!
:party0011:Hi Girls,

Thank you so much for your support, it has really helped me get through the day. It is now 21.30pm and I am sat in bed. Plus I have some excellent news. I have been hired with Benefit Cosmetics as a Beauty Advisor :flirt2: :D
Another great reason to carry on.
We can do this! My husband quoted:
"Winners don't quit, quitter's never win" that is coming from a proffessional rugby player who gets bashed about on the pitch every Saturday!!
I will keep an eye out for you all on the first weekly weigh in post on Saturday, hey we should buddy up but I don't know how to do that
Good on ya .. The day is done ... Tick and you survived! See everything is looking up!

Lush beauty advisor .. Tons of lovely products for your new lovely self!

I have no idea how to buddy up but I'm in! We weigh in the same day so cannot wait to see!

Hubby 2B was being bold take away again .. In the car as I drove ... eating it! But I am getting a sense of moral high ground .. I am healthy and I will be slim (er-ish) in 6 week! Haha! Little victories!

Go your hubby hes rite ... No surrender ... It's a battle in my mind and I'm going to win!!

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Well done Emma on your new Job and getting through the day:girlpower:

I'm now on day 5 and have woke up feeling great :)
My husband has brought me a new puppy which we are going to visit today to make sure he'll be ok with our cat. I am so excited, I can't wait to get him in August :D Means I have a reason to walk as the puppy will need exercise as well.

Good Luck for the rest of the day all, lets hope it will go quickly and shake shake shake :p

Ah puppy .. So lovely .. It great to have a little companion to drive you on!

You'll be a skinni-mini by the time you pick him/her up!

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Thank you sweetie, Yay for being a skinni mini


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