Made my decision to come over to sw!!


Well after much thinking and not being sure what to do i've decided to leave CD and come back to sw.

Least i may be abit happier i am in the right frame of mind and gonna plan my meals in advance so i know what i'm having ...although i am happy i did cambridge for the 4 weeks as it as given me the kick start that i needed losing 22lb going from 15st 4lb to 13st 10lb ...I even ate my 1st sw meal last night and got on scales this morning i was expecting a slight gain due to not having anything for 4 week..and i'd lost a 1lb :eek:

So looking foward to being around this part of the forum and getting to know you all:D

Sue x
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I'm, a sw newbie but currently enjoying it a lot and its a very loogical plan and easy to follow. Well done on the CD loss. Have been tempted to do that before as it changes your behaviour and attitudes towards food as well as help shedding the pounds, but moneys always been a bit urr on it and well meal replacements and me dont get along LOL(icky horrible things). But great loss 22lb in a month *faints* lol. Welcome to SW :D

Are you going to group or online?


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Welcome to SW and well done on your loss with CD. SW is a great plan and there is lots of yummy food to be had and still be on plan. Enjoy!


Thanks for your reply..

I did sw last year after having my son lost 2 stone but then started messing about with the plan which lead me astray such a hetic year last year getting into routine with a new baby plus my other children so now im in the right frame of mind this year im ready to finally get this weight off once and for all.

I will be doing it from home for a few week then going back to my old group so i can start having my weekly weigh ins again x