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  1. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    When I joined this website I was not overweight but I was not happy with my weight having put on about a stone and a half in the last couple of years. So the challenge was to go from 10 stone 11.5 lbs to 9 stone 7 lbs - I've still got just over 6 lbs to shift :) I am a firm believer that changing your diet will only get you so far and that exercise plays a key factor in weight management. I embarked on an exercise programme using kettlebells for 20 mins 3 x per week and have been blown away by the way they have helped to tone my body. Just thought I'd share as it might convice others to dabble with kettlebells :)

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  3. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    side view

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  4. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    beautiful and amazing wow 10/10
  5. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

  6. pinkelle

    pinkelle I'm on a mission!!!

    You have done great!! Well done!!

  7. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    Thanks pinkelle - nothing on you, 23 lbs that is something :) Congrats and good luck for the rest of your journey!!
  8. biggysmalls

    biggysmalls Too big to fail

    You are looking great, Chickadee! A great advertisement for exercise x
  9. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    Thanks biggy and ditto to you :)
    I'm probably more of an advertisement for the lazy exerciser :)
  10. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Gold Member

    wow you look amazing, so fit and toned. Im off to have a look at your kettlebell routine. ill need some serious toning in a few weeks!
  11. Lose2Win

    Lose2Win True Believer

    Wow Chickadee, I'm really impressed :) I absolutely love kettlebells. I've been doing them for the past 2 weeks now and I'm looking forward to some great results like you've achieved!! I'm doing Lisa Balash Kettlebell Bombshell, I think she is great (hence my avatar). I started with 7.5kg but struggled so now I also use 5kg (especially for the upper body workout).

    How did your improvement affect the size clothes you wear?

    Keep up the good work.

    Mel D
  12. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    Thanks mel.

    I was squeezing myself into a size 10 before I started( really I was size 12) now I can wear a size 10 comfortably :)

    I've heard of her- will need to check out some of her DVDs as I'm looking for a change from krttleworxs. I started with a 5kg but after about 4 weeks graduated to 7.5( although for some exercises I have to swap down)

    Good luck!!
  13. NicolaKJ

    NicolaKJ Member

    How long has that taken you Chickadee?

    I've a lot more to lose so dunno if kettlebells will help just now when I've still got so much fat to lose! xx
  14. silly sausage

    silly sausage Peas on Earth

  15. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    Hi Nicola

    To lose the weight has taken a while- started end of July but have had a couple of holidays in between and lots of socialising so that's why it's been so slow! I've been doing the kettleworx routine for 12 weeks, which really only equates to 12 hours of exercise so the results are very impressive!! I noticed results after only 3 weeks! I think kettlebells will defo help you because when you build muscle it helps your body to burn fat and calories, not just when working out but afterwards too :) the inches will melt off you using kettlebells , I guarantee it. Not only will you see the physical results but your fitness and strength will improve quickly and swinging that bell is such a good stress reliever :) If interested visit the link I posted above :) good luck :)
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  16. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    Thanks silly sausage :)
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  17. kerryathome

    kerryathome Silver Member

    was this just kettlebells alone chickadee or did you follow an eating plan too?

    A friend from work loaned me a kettlebell and I got a DVD but hven't got round to using them yet :rolleyes:

    you look amazing and probably just the inspiration I need to pick up that kettlebell and get going

    thanks xx
  18. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    you look amazing! :)
  19. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    I did slimming world for a while and then just healthy eating.

    Get swinging!! It really does work wonders!! :)
  20. My goodness what a sidferance and like others have said u look fab !!

    I'm off to google kettle bells now !!
  21. chickadee83

    chickadee83 Silver Member

    Thanks little miss :) i posted a link to info about kettlebells on page 1. Come visit - lots of good info there!

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