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**Magic Monday Daily Thread **

Morning :) I have just got home from work and had a gooood night :)

One of the residents left a half eaten bag of cadburys giant buttons on the table where we sit for our short breaks , and i sat and sniffed them all night .. totally satisfying .. I find chocolate ( especially cadburys) has such a strong smell I can taste it and feel so satisfied :) mmmmm

I am a little :eek: that I have weigh in in half an hour , as I have been up drinking all night , where as normally nothing passes my lips after 11 pm till after my 9.30 am weigh in .. so results this week will not be so good .. but then I can weigh myself when I get up from my sleep this afternoon and get a more accurate loss I guess !!!

So after WI I will be going to bed till about 6pm , then will have my 810 meal then a tetra icecream before going to work again tonight :)

Hope you all have a fantastic day :)
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Hi Katie --

I, too, am about to leave for my weigh in. Last week, I did not eat or drink before hand and I this morning I thought, "How silly. I weighed myself yesterday and recorded my losses on Minimins."

In otherwords, the CD counsellor will write whatever in the booklet -- and it might not match -- but it'll be within a few pounds. And, in the big scheme of things (pardon the pun) does it really matter?

I hope you have good rest... it is a shame you need to sleep today: I actually feel and see the sun! YEAH!

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good luck to u both on your weigh in this morning, im sure your doing fab!!! x
good morning ladies.
katie woohoooo well done you. :D
gl MM on ur weigh in.
i am having my first weigh in today.... at 4pm eek. im gonna be sloshing with water by then so doubt i will get the result i was hoping for but hey, it will all be off in the end regardless.
gl on ur day one lisa. keep the water levels up as this definately helps u through the first days and helps ease u into ketosis slightly quicker.
dammmm katie, u must be sooooo chuffed with being in the completely normal range...... gonna take some getting used to i would imagine. i would think it would be hard for me to get my head around the fact that i no longer have a weight problem . WOW. ur so awesome.


this time - the last time
Good luck on today WIs. Let us know how you get on!

I'm not sure I know when I was 25 bmi Katie! Even at 18yrs old and a size 8 I wasnt bmi 25!!! Well done! Great way to start the week!
Well done Katie :)

Am now feeling alot better this morning no hunger pangs as to speak of as yet :)

Am having a lazy day today as off work but back tomorrow.

Good luck for everyone who needs it



please try again
wow thats brilliant katie!

im having the fun of paying bills this morning, normally rather depressing

got a letter this morning thou from npower threatening to have my gas and electric metered so called them to ask what the problem is..... you were late paying this month by 1 day so weve cancelled your payment plan ( i was paying £224 a month, last month i paid em over £300 )
so after huffing and puffing they agree to set my payment plan up again, they do all thier silly calculations..... and they need £136 a month. so thank you numptys youve done me a favour, lol


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wow thats fantastic katie - well done you must be so proud of yourself!!


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WOW i didnt realise there were so many monday weigher's....

well done on the 6lbs determinator (think i ahve already said it in another thread.... but say it again!!!)

i dont think im going to do so well tonight....
but wish me luck anyway..
Welcome Thinoncemore!



Can i join ? on on day 1 here, so far so good !

Of course you can join us... and welcome!

It'll get harder and then it'll get easier. I find that the first five days are very difficult and if I can stick to it until then (and am in ketosis) then I do not mind cooking or even watching other people eat. But, in the first three or four days... I cannot even watch food on television! :ignore:

Be sure to drink your water... I find this hardest thing to accomplish. I think it is true that "the more you drink, the more you shrink." But, drink steadily thoughout the day, drinking a a lot of water quickly can be dangerous.:7834:

Fab Week For Us ALL!!!

@Katie -- :happy096:

How cool is that: a bmi of 25! Now you are in the "green zone" on the doctors' weight charts.

@Jfryyy -- :clap:

Congrats on reaching another mini-target. I am sneaking up on my next one (hopefully, next Monday).

@ RubyAngel -- :happy036:

Five pounds off: that is so fab!

I have lost 3 pounds this week (by my own scales -- which is a Sunday morning weigh in, knickers only, empty bladder, no food or drink).

On my CDC's scales this week (wearing the same clothes as the I did 3 of the past 4 weeks) after 11 a.m., 2 coffees, water and a tetra -- 2 pounds off.

My bmi is now a 26... so, soon by staying in the "pink" I will get me into the "green"! LOL

Well done everyone, especially Katie!, some fantastic loses!!!

I was weighed today and lost 7lbs - yahoo!

Half a Stone!!! WhooHoo!

Well done everyone, especially Katie!, some fantastic loses!!!

I was weighed today and lost 7lbs - yahoo!

WHOOOHOOO! 1/2 a stone!!!


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