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**Magic Weighloss Monday - Hour by Hour Thread**


Going for Goal!
Good Morning all!

Lets hope the title of this thread works it's magic and takes 1lb off every person who posts today!!!

I need this thread today. Have found the weekend a struggle and I must focus today. Even last week at work, during break times I was playing mind games "what's really low calories that I can eat" lol - My food gremlins really are standing there ground.

I have decided that I am going to take all 3 of my packs to work. I usually have my 1st at around 9.30, then my second around 2.30 and my 3rd at around 7.30 (when I'm home) I think it's important that I change this because it's just not working. I'm hungry.

This week I'm going to try 9.30, 1pm and 5pm. That way when I'm home I can look forward to my hot green tea/hot liquorice tea or hot peppermint tea (went on a mad one purchasing teas at the weekend!)

I'll be checking in on here often today. I MUST keep motivated. I have my wi tomorrow. Although it's totm so i'm not holding out for much, bring on the following week though! I usually loose BIG after totm week.

Have a fabulous Monday. Keep shedding those lbs!!! :)

Hugs x x x
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Morning Emma, I hope this week is better for you and your "food gremlins" stay away. Today is Day 1 of my final restart! Ive had to have a shake already as so hungry - but feeling better now. Im going to be on here a lot as going to have to keep myself occupied!! xx


Can hug her knees :)
Good luck for today Hun hope the gremlins stay away, mmmm all those teas sound nice :) and the new times sound like they may help, I have my 7th weigh itonighy hoping for atleast 2 off but still totm so not holding out much hope ooooh unliess this magic post takes one off for me :)
about to start work any minute so I hope everyone has a great day xxx
Hi All

Emma changing your times may help and try having a couple of tea's throughout the day??? Can you drink the Marigold Bouillion you could throw one of those in.

I am WFH (Working from home) today so i will be drowning in H20 usually i have to make 3 trips to the car each morning one briefcase and lap top one for water and shakes and then back to lock up and me.

I am gonna have a black coffee now already had one and done a pint of water so gonna fill my water glass again and put the kettle on.

Have a great day xxx


Yummy Mummy in the making
Good morning everyone, I hope you all have a good easy day today :)

I have my second weigh in tonight but not expecting much of a loss as I havent done too well with my water this week and I had 2 pickled onions earlier in the week too (although this shouldnt really affect me I dont think).

Keep motivated everyone, Christmas is closing in :)


Going for Goal!
I'm stressed!!!! I have just had a telephone call from my landlady who wants to "discuss our tenancy" because her "circumstances have changed". As you know because of problems we have had with youths, me and HB decided we will be moving soon. But after a long discussion we decided to leave it until after Christmas, because it would be too stressful/costly before Christmas. But it looks like we are going to have no choice. She is coming round on Thursday at 7pm, so I guess I will know more then. I can feel the stress already - GRRRRRRR!!!!
Hi Em is your lease up??? or do you have time left on it??? there is a required notice period she needs to give you hon,do not stress yet hon please. Have a cup of soothing tea.

Muchas Lovas x


Going for Goal!
Our tenancy was renewed April time, so yes it is up! However, I have a sneaky feeling that she has to give us 2 months notice. Where as we only need to give 1 month if we were to leave. So 2 months from Thursday (if that is why she is visiting) will be mid Jan. Having said that "circumstances have changed" could also mean she is putting the rent up in price, but wants to chat to us about it before drafting a new tenancy agreement. But I am preparing for the worst, just so that I'm not completely thrown!
Yes legally you have to be given 2 months notice in writing. I have been through this with a previous landlord resulting in us being homeless yrs ago but they do have to give you the 2 months notice. x
Hi Emma

They have to give you notice of a rent increase too surely?
Morning ladies monday is here again already lets get through it together.
I will be thinking of you Emma P its horrible when you feel stressed.

I am trying to get back on SS for this week 810 isn't working for me at the mo.


Yummy mummy wannabe!
Morning Emma and fellow CD peeps. I am sure you will be fine re tenancy, like Jimmyshoo said, leases are bindin so you will be fine til ater xmas im sure. I am gonna work so hard today. I feel like such a failure. Had a terrible weekend, drank wine and ate food yesterday :( It has been stressful because my husband is away and i had to say goodbye to my 10 year old son on my own as he had to return to his new school in UK. (Im in Germany). I know it is no excuse but i hve done it now. Onwards and DOWNwards with the pounds is what i say! Decided to not weigh today, will have a good week and i will make myself proud next monday. xx


Going for Goal!
I'm not sure Jimmyshoo about notice of rent increase. You may be right. I guess there isn't much point in us guessing though, We will find out for sure on Thursday. In a way I want to email her and ask straight out what it is about. But I also want to respect the fact that she is doing things properly, in that she wants to tell us face to face rather than on the phone.
Emma, I hope the house stuff turns out to be relatively painless. Try not to worry about it beforehand.

Emmie - you are doing the right thing. Don;t kick yourself over it, just get back on track and in the future try to train yourself not to turn to food in times of stress. "If hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the answer" I keep telling myself that over and over and it is starting to sink in. I was the worst in the world for turning to food when that wasn't really the problem.

kerryberry - Hope you manage with getting back to SS. :)

Well, Monday again and I've just been to physio to sort my back out after doing something strange with it dragging my suitcase up 3 flights of stairs in September. Going out for a drink with a friend at 3pm then teaching 5pm til 10pm.
Physio girl says I can go swimming again so I shall be up and off to the pool first thing tomorrow morning (first thing for me being around 10am). Had another little shopping spree on ebay yesterday adn bought a nice black top. It all gets posted to my mum in UK so when I get there on 4th of Dec I will have lots of things to try on. Hopefully I will fit into some of them. I ahve been buying in much smaller sizes which I may not fit into until after xmas ..lol much much after xmas but hey I can hope!
Have a good day folks!

Blingbabe .... where are you today? no posts from you on the daily? lol I wonder where you are when you're not here!
@Emma, thats stressing indeed, just don't try to worry to much, in the worst case it will only hasten your move ;).
I hope for the rest monday does works its magic for you ;).

@Emmie, i can understand why you caved. But! youll get back on track in no time ;) and indeed, surprise yourself on monday :).

I have had a weekend full of thinking, and thinking and thinking, and i can't seem to stop doing it. I am thinking about my future, about not eating for half a year, about maybe changing jobs and maybe even getting myself a new diploma! Weird.....i feel a bit down, though i have so much to be happy about!

*stuffs her downfeelings away, to the back of her head*


Going for Goal!
"If hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the answer" QUOTE]

I love that Alex! I may stick a post it note on my fridge at home saying just that! I am also one for heading for the fridge when stressed. Thank you :)
Alexice, you posted while i was writing :p swimming will be nice! Have fun trying it out, and ehm, did you ever find a hot drink you like??


please try again
morning girls, hope everyones having a good one

im mighty pissed off today. he went to work to fetch his pay at 4pm yesterday, at 8pm i called and he said still waiting for it, 11pm he says hes at the pub with boss, midnight he says hes gonna sleep over at work ( works in a car wash, where the fook is he sleeping? ) what a load of *****, like heck he was on a works night out and had to sleep over
i dont entertain cheaters so when he finally turns up hes gonna find his bags packed and he can get the fook outta my house
oh no sumayyah, that sounds absolutely horrible!! I completely understand why youre pissed. Were there signs before this??

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