Maintained for 14 months...everything hunky dorey :)


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Sometimes it seems so easy. I've been at goal for a year and now I feel that it's all falling apart.

I suppose I've managed because I've always had that goal. First it was to lose the weight, then to stay the same until Christmas, then the year what? I've just got to do this forever. Why does it feel so overwhelming?

Why can't I be like others and reach goal...disappear and enjoy life as a new me, with my new found self control?

I go weeks thinking I can do this, then all of a sudden it's just too much. I feel like I'm in Lonely Land...the only one to have this problem.

If I posted a week ago, I would have been saying how easy this I think I might have cracked it. Now I feel useless as if something has taken over my body. Forever just seems to long at the moment.

Sorry...just hoping it'll help if I put my feelings down. So confused.
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Right...that was my self pitying mode :D

Yep, I know....get on with it :D

Feeling more upbeat now.
Well done Karion,

Congratulations on being the slim person you always wanted to did it!
I don't have any advice or answers regarding your "down" moments, but, you beat the weight problem, so I know you will beat any negative thinking:)

I am going for my 2nd LL meeting tonight, and with the CBT plus regular reading of posts like yours, I too will become the slim person I dream of being.

You are an inspiration to me and many more who visit this site. Thank you very much for sharing with us.:D

Mrs Skint
lol. That wasn't a very inspirational post was it :D Think I just woke up very overwhelmed by it all, and the feeling just wasn't disappearing.

Life in Maintenance Land is good really....honest. Well worth the effort.

Perhaps I've just spent way too many years overweight...way too many years wasted. So frightened of putting it on again.

It's been okay up to now as when I have lost control, I've been able to get it back quite quick. This time it seemed to be going on for a few days, and I couldn't feel myself getting grasp of it again.

Still...feel much better now. Perhaps I should start worrying when I don't get these panic attacks:eek:
Hi mate

Am really hoping there will be more 'goalies' to help share your trials. We all know that reaching goal is just the beginning but however much I want to advise you, I don't have the experience.

Much {{{HUGZ}}}
Thanks DQ. It's such a weird feeling sometimes. As if it's not me at all....I'm still that big person dreaming of being slim.

I want to say this is fab (which it is), this is so easy (which it often is), I could do this forever (which I do sometimes say). Then that old devil gets on my shoulder and say "who are you kidding, you've been big for too're too weak...look you've fallen, let me put my great big boot on your back and keep you down where you belong".

I know this devil well. He's always popping up undermining by ability to stay here. Sometimes I can just flick him away with a teatowel, sometimes I believe every word he says.

This morning I realised that I can't do 'forever', I can only do today. So onward and forward.....
Doing well today thanks DQ :)

Life is good. Brain has stopped buzzing. I'm going to be slim forever....well today anyway:D
D_Q said:
That's the spirit mate :cool:

Thank you. I'll have a scotch :D How are you doing today anyway? PMcking?
Having a fab time at the mo - really going for lots of fresh fruit which is so strange for me after so long following VLCD!! :eek: Strawberries, cherries, grapes, etc - yummy! :cool:
D_Q said:
Having a fab time at the mo - really going for lots of fresh fruit which is so strange for me after so long following VLCD!! :eek: Strawberries, cherries, grapes, etc - yummy! :cool:

:D Know what you mean. Ever since the dentist told me not to eat fruit, I've wanted it daily. Such a rebel :D

Glad you are happy :)
Yep:( Too acidic for my delicate little tombstones. Only because my teeth are falling to bits. Should be okay for you.

Thanks for talking to me DQ ;):D
Don't be daft, I like talking to you! ;)

And a real bummer about the fruit!! Mind you, I read some of your menus the other day and they sound rather fab!! :cool:
And a real bummer about the fruit!! Mind you, I read some of your menus the other day and they sound rather fab!!

Thanks DQ! Did include rather a lot of fruit though:eek: I have a theory though...if I include creme fraiche, it must neutralise the acid. That's what I reckon anyway.

Besides...chronic toothache today has meant I needed to down some scotch to numb it. Every cloud has a silver lining :D
maintained for a struggling

Karion, you are a true inspiration and im sending you lots of positive vibes via the net airways.

When I posted for the first time the other day you gave me lots of encouragement. Im hoping to send some your way now.

A year at maintenance as you already know is a hugh achievement. Make your next goal still to be at goal by Christmas.

Do you still use the cd products sometimes and have you ever done ss again during the last year? I was just wondering what you have done to remain at goal.

Good luck today and for the coming weeks.
Thank you Janey :)

When I finished the stabilisation part, I was determined to manage without CD. I used WLR to maintain so that I could include 'my types' of food without going over. Did that for 6 months and lost a bit more (not intentional, but happy to lose a little more). I then got all cocky and decided to give up smoking. That's when things got tough again.

I knew that I would eat more when quitting, so before I quit, I did a couple of weeks SS and a couple of weeks introducing food again and lost another few pounds for damage limitation. I stopped CD packets again before the quit

Decided I liked the new look, so gave up smoking and stayed with my new weight.

This last month I have got hold of some CD for comfort :D Have only had a couple of meals of it though, but feel safe to know it's here.

I can manage without them, but thought it would make life easier if they were there for the occassional meal.

I'm 50 years old and had a weight problem all my life. I've smoked since I was nine years old :( I think it's going to take me a long time before I can say I've defeated it, but for the meantime, I am still at my pre smoking quit goal, and under my CD goal.

So, to sum up, no...though it's in the cupboard, I don't use CD. Just a couple of packets. I eat healthily, add a few treats, exercise. Can't say I've found it easy. Many days are incredibly easy. Some days I've panicked over the thought of keeping this up forever, but I never want to go back to where I was, and I can't yoyo any more. This has to be it for me.