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Maintained for 14 months...everything hunky dorey :)


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Maybe that's part of what makes it special - you're not Superwoman, you have had blips, binges and all sorts but you're still here, still maintaining - just makes it feel more doable. I think sometimes it can feel to many who are still on their journey that it takes a superhuman to make it to the end. You bring it all to the table - the good times, the hard times - and it really does make people feel as though they can do it too.

I guess, for me, your attitude has more impact than the people who don't seem to have struggled. I would rather listen to advice from someone who understands/appreciates what it is to feel like a failure, than someone who has forgotten just how hard it can be.
This is just how I see you too Karion (thanks D_Q for saying it so elequently).. you totally give me the confidence to believe that I too will get to where you are now even though I have been less than perfect along the way and struggle almost every day. I am still very much work in progress, but progressing I am:)



Gone fishing
Crikey Mandy. Just seen how much weight you've lost!

Wow. Excellent work!

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
I love warts and all posts because they prove the poster is human.

I haven't bothered with a ssing diary because it was a bit too easy for me and I didn't want to make those struggling disheartend or come across as smug.

I know that management will be a different kettle of fish so I have just started my own warts and all diary thread because I have decided to start management on Tuesday :eek: