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Maintained last 2 WIs :(

I've been 100% on the plan for the past 6 weeks and had been doing quite well but these past 2 weeks I've STS.

I know the plan well and am following it correctly, I weigh all my HEX and syns and don't eat enormous portions. First week of maintaining I did all green, this week mostly EE but with 1 red and 1 green day.

I know it's not the end of the world but would really like any advice on how to get going again.

I've tried changing up my HEX but that hasn't helped.

I started running 3 weeks ago also, my consultant thinks its that but IDK after 2 weeks STS :(

Thanks guys.
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I had the same problem with exercising i had a sts and a gain and then 3rd week of the exercise regime i lost 3lb so persevere with it i know how frustrating it is.....youll be losing inches but it just takes a while to show on the scales unfortunately.

Good luck x
Hi Clareel

This happened to me too - 3 - 4 weeks off STS! I know how you feel. Then suddenly I had half off and then another 2.5 off. Stay with it, it will happen. Lots of people on here say to change things around a little, try different days, different foods - seems like good advice to me.
Stick with it, I am sure it will fall off again - and look at all your non scale victories!


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a lady at my club was half a pound away from 3 stone and then the last two weeks she has put on weight and she is been 100%. the only difference is that she has been cycling a lot.


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After I started exercising I had a couple of weeks at 1/2lb loss (and I'm pretty sure one of those weeks was just because I had my hair cut!) - the third week I upped my water intake a LOT and it seemed to make all the difference (when you're building muscle you're far more prone to water retention and drinking more water helps reduce that).

I also started with hot water and lemon juice in the morning, which I've grown to really like, which is supposed to be good for that sort of thing.

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