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Maintainers Refocus Month


Is back in the saddle!
Come Monday 3rd January I'm intending on trying to refocus after the holidays. I want to do a month of total concentration on what I'm eating and try and detox, as it were, to try and find the tracks again.

I will confess here to having bought a box of Exante but I will be having a light evening meal to go with the three packets. I just want to see how the first month goes.

Any other maintainers wanting to have a bit of a foodie refocus? It doesn't matter which way you intend to do it. :)
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yes yes yes!
i desperately need to!!!!!!!!!!
i can't even bring myself to put the weight i was on here this morning .... :-(

however, i refuse to get too fed up as i intend to refocus come 3rd jan

haven't decided exactly how to go about doing this yet.... def starting excercise again, may cal count or LLL type thing for 4 weeks

count me in
daisy x


Playing the Angel
I am more than happy to do a re focus, feel out of control with all the food that has been about:) January is always good to focus on the new year and the new habits.



Is back in the saddle!
Great stuff Ladies! (You been using THAT shampoo Daisy??)

And I did mean Monday 4th! I was reading the diary upside down.

I'm actually looking forward to the clear out! The kids go back on Saturday and I guess they will be leaving here with Mummy Hampers!

I'm actually amazed at how good I've been to be honest but I had a raging sore throat that went to my chest on Christmas Eve and I've had no sense of smell or taste since and the meds have been putting me to sleep every five minutes. Guess it's worked in my favour really.

Roll on the turning of the year now.
I started my refocus the day after Christmas. ;)

I was going to wait till the 4th, as I am on holiday this week....but then thought - why? If I get on with it now - its started....and it felt great to take control again. I was fairly naughty this season. :D

Good luck ladies!
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Good luck Ladies

Love the sig pic and the blue Avatar BL.

I've been really quite good over the Christmas period. Proud of my control, but still having a few treats.
but TODAY............... Why have I wanted to put everything in my mouth?
I don't understand it - even things I don't really like, sweet stuff.
If i carry on feeling like this I will need to re- focus too.
Love the sig pic and the blue Avatar BL.

I've been really quite good over the Christmas period. Proud of my control, but still having a few treats.
but TODAY............... Why have I wanted to put everything in my mouth?
I don't understand it - even things I don't really like, sweet stuff.
If i carry on feeling like this I will need to re- focus too.
Thanks hon. I have to recycle some of my old photos cause the camera on my phone has stopped working.

Wierd how the cravings come out of nowhere.

I never had cravings, until a box of Cadburys was brought into the office. Once I had milk chocolate- the cravings awoke. Evil stuff. ANd they don;t go away easily!!

Do you know what started off the cravings? I have faith in you - you will resist. You are a strong and determined lady. :)

So, I have sworn the stuff off - and am just focusing on basic basic basic needs at the moment,

Going great too - 3 days, and I am a saint! I expect my halo to be delivered sometime this week. :D :D



Is back in the saddle!
Halo's in the post BL!! Well done you. :innocent0002:

I just have a few more days of house fullness and I'm thoroughly enjoying having them around. I'm missing my son hugely, a lovely parcel arrived from him yesterday full of Australian goodies for us all and I spent most of the time in tears. I'm not forfeiting my time with my daughter for the sake of a few pounds just yet. Next Christmas she could be in Afghanistan.

Monday is the day!! :D


Playing the Angel
Hahaha, love that new Halo BL. It is funny how the cravings come out of nowhere. SB, I, like you was pretty damn good over the festive period, but the day prior to yesterday it all just hit me and and I wanted to hoover up everything in sight!!! The only reasoning I can find for its is the following:

lack of routine, too many others eating and drinking all the time around me, feeling emotionally fraught (long story, will pm you girlies about it, perhaps you can offer some suggestion). The more I sat there and denied myself, the greater the cravings became. I did manage to limit it in the best way I knew how ie, one small mini mince pie instead of a large, one quarter piece of shortbread instead of a slice etc. Still the cravings really worried me.

Nice to know that I am not alone

Aww, I hope you are alright kiddo. Drop a PM when you can.

Cravings - they're a real bugger - and when they come, they can be quite powerful! Be strong!

I think you are right about all the contributory factors - partricularly change of routine - gets me often. ANd seeing food around for so many days, that we are not used too, can be overwhelming.

Hang in there! I know you will. :)


Is back in the saddle!
To quote Daisy, 'IT'S ONLY FOOD!'. ;)

Mind you, it's the alcohol I've had most trouble with. BUT, if I never see a bottle of Bailey's again at the moment it will be too soon!!!:sign0137:


Is back in the saddle!
Water WATER WATER!!!!!!!!

I HATE water. But I'm trying to remember to up it. :rolleyes: I ordered some Crystal Light yesterday to try. See how it goes. :confused:

water.... hmmm, yes i have seen a lot of that today!

i decided to start today rather than wait for monday as i woke up late, am tired so will be going to bed early and i'm sick of eating and drinking anyway!

i have got a supply of exante - its on offer and was less than £80 for a month supply so i thought why not.

im not sure how i'm going to do it yet tho - i'm starting on total abstinence and will see how i get on. i may go to a meal a day, see what happens really.

i want to lose at least 10lb by valentines day - 14lb hopefully.

good luck to the other refocussers out there!
daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
I had a lovely big bowl of salad tonight and it was just so fresh and clean tasting. Carbs are on the way out, protiens lower and water up.

I did weigh this morning and was horrified so maybe I'm starting already. Packs on Monday though. (Must admit to being erm rather bunged up too. Too much rich food I guess. :eek: )

Yes Foxy

That's always my Mantra.

Must remember to take my own advice.
I never thought I'd say it, but I 'm looking forward to going back to work on Monday and getting back into my routine.
However, I have enjoyed this Christmas and it has been lovely to be able to wear glam cothes and shoes and feel good.
day 1 done.
am 5lbs lighter on the scales this morning - bye bye glycogen!
the exante stuff so far is ok - had a strawberry shake which was nicer than the LL one. A bar which was quite nice and some mushroom and some thai chicken soup again, all good. Its only 3 packs a day tho so i split the soup and bar in half so i could eat 5 times.

just had 3/4 pint of water and now am about to try the banana shake.

daisy x


Playing the Angel
Awesome news Daisy!!!

Glad you are liking the exante packs, what did you think of the mushroom? It was te only one my sis couldn't stand!!

Yesterday and today have been good for me so far, need to shift another 2lbs!! But 1lb down since Xmas. I really am tempted to just jump back on packs for a week or 2 but I will give it a week of just reigning it back in a little and see how that ends up for me. Water intake is up, carbs are low/non existant, though I will have a little with dinner tonight.

Keep up the good work girls!!

Hi Jez
day 2 went well - the mushroom soup was ok - very creamy.

just had half a vanilla shake and it was lovely - nicer than LL, (i used to have to have coffee in them to drink them -they tasted gorgeous then)

i haven't had the tomato soup yet - the LL one made me gag, so not really looking forward to that.

the bars aren't as nice as the LL ones, tho they are 'bigger' so easier to spilt into half.

not had the banana shake yet - they were my fav on LL so i'm hoping they are just as nice!

i'm off to my nephews 2nd birthday party this afternoon so will have to do my pretending to eat trick again - don't want to tell family i'm back on packs

daisy x
Good luck all. I'm back on Exante from tomorrow too. Planning to do three packs a day, and possibly a milky coffee before bed and see how that goes - I have done it twice before, but managed just three days each time. Exante all tastes good to me, so I know that it will be fine. The couple of times before I just couldn't keep it going, but my husband is actually talking about doing it for four weeks too, so we can't be a bad influence on each other!! I am feeling decidely chubby, so need to really get back into control. I can't fit into my clothes and have just had to buy a temporary pair of trousers for work!!!!!! Like Daisy, I'm not putting my true weight on here, as I have definitely over indulged and the weight is scarily high - I need to lose at least 1.5 stone!!!!! I am going to try and keep logging on here, as I don't go to any classes anymore, so I don't have that to focus on and keep me in check.

Good luck to you all!

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