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Maintaining after massive loss?


Restart 3/9/2013
S: 24st9lb C: 18st1lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 6st8lb(26.67%)
Hi all

Just looking for advice/tips from people who have managed to lose massive amounts of weight and have maintained those losses. Basically how do you manage it?

I am hoping to lose nearly 12stone by the time I am at the end of my journey. Of course I plan to follow the maintenance steps on CD to start eating again, but how do you manage it long term?

I was thinking about allowing myself a "buffer zone" of maybe 7lb or a stone, and not letting myself go over that before taking action to prevent myself gaining any more?

But is that practical? Obviously I know my eating habits need to change from how they were, and they already have by being on CD. I also want to be exercising regularly which will help.

Any other tips? Being slim is not something thats ever happened to me before, so this is all completely new to me...
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Well, mines not a massive loss (8 stone), but I reckon 8 stone-12 stone....same maintenance journey ;)
I am hoping to lose nearly 12stone by the time I am at the end of my journey. Of course I plan to follow the maintenance steps on CD to start eating again, but how do you manage it long term?
What I did, and it seems what a few other successful maintainers have done, is yes...do the plans up. Then I went onto weightlossresource for a few months, to calorie count at maintenance level.

I'm sure some people might think it was a real hassle to do that, but it wasn't for me as I was so desperate to maintain, and knew I still needed guidelines.

It's when you stop being concerned that it can all go a bit wrong:rolleyes:

So, it was worth it to me. Yeah...was having to count, but I did get loads more to eat, and it was great to know that what I was eating was still under control.

Okay...there were times when I wasn't always as controlled as I wanted, but having a focus with WLR, meant I was much more aware of what I was doing.

I think a 7lb target is fine as long as you are really trying to stay very close to goal, and not bobbing up and down that 7lbs because you have allowed yourself that gain. Emergency plan only really, otherwise you will be forever chasing them.

I'd also recommend weighing daily, so you can really keep an eye on things and get used to how your body fluctuates.

I was amazed to learn that a packet of crisps (or 2;)) can show about 2lbs gain on the scales the next morning. Not fat..as calories were the same, but just seem to retain fluid with them. Once upon a time, I would have dived into the biscuit tin thinking that I had some mysterious disease that caused massive gains, but now I know that the pounds just go again on the days I don't eat crisps, so don't panic.

Another thing I found to stop it all being so tiresome, was treating it as a game, well..the old calorie counting thing. 1800 'lives' for the day that I could spend as I wished. could I do an extra bit of walking to give myself a few more 'lives' that I could spend on something else when needed.

All good fun ;)
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Again, not a massive loss at 5 and a half stone but just to echo so much of what KD said.

Worked up the plans, used weight loss resources to monitor calories, weigh every day and yep I too noticed certain things can make you weigh heavier the following morning but it evens out again. I have enjoyed the process and making conscious decisions... not always healthy ones... about what to eat, knowing how many calories etc and making a controlled decision about whether I want to have it or not.

I try not to work with a buffer zone idea, I look for a pattern, if I am maintaining at the right calorie level the scales should stay more or less the same give or take 1-2lbs for natural fluctutions, water retention etc. If they are creeping either up or down I haven't got my calorie level right and need to adjust.



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