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Maintaining target weight after slim fast?

So, is it true that your stomach shrinks once you've been on the diet a while? Because if it does, what happens when you start upping your calories again to maintain the weight after you've lost it? I have visions of eating a huge meal and getting my rather large appetite back then putting all the weight that I've lost back on again really quickly!

Is it possible to maintain after SF or will I have to stick to 1400-1500ish calories after??

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Losing the baby fat
What happens is when you lose weight you dont lose the fat cells you made when you were bigger so you'll always be prone to gaining it back, so you'll always have to be careful. You will be able to up your calories slowly, but as to how many you can have without gaining weight depends on other factors, like maybe you'll exercise more so can eat more.
What I would suggest is when you reach target continue with the slimfast every other day for a while, and every other day try to have say 2000 calories, and try and find your calorie allowance to maintain. If you keep losing up your calories on the slimfast days.

It is the keeping it off which is the real hard bit. I think if youre a naturally big eater you've got to think about how many cals youre eating all the time - its a lifelong commitment to yourself really. xx
Thanks for that rowanx2, I guess that makes sense really. So it's just about trying to find that magic number of calories that I can have without putting weight back on. I always wondered why so many people who lose weight struggle to keep it off when so many others who don't put weight on in the first place manage to stay the same quite easily. Good info thanks! I didn't have a huge amount to lose anyway, just some excess baby weight so I'm hoping it won't be too hard to maintain...


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