Maintaining Your Weight Loss


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I have been thinking today about weight loss and maintenance. KD started a thread about believing whether you could lose your weight and once I started LL I had no doubt I could lose it, but thoughts were always on "can I maintain it" and so far sadly not.

I wanted to ask all long term maintainers whether maintaining has now become "easy" for you. After such a long time do you automatically "make good choices" and if not, do you automatically compensate later.

I guess what I'm asking is whether things are now "automatic" for you or whether you still have to be completely vigilant?

I'd like to think that one day that "eating like a slim person" is as natural to me as "eating like a fat person" is now. Somehow I fear not :(
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I just posted on the other thread but will pop in here too.

Another very good question hun!

For me I would say making the "right" choices is fairly automatic but that is not to say I don't have times when I want to throw my toys out the pram and have all the "wrong" choices - I don't but sometimes I want to.

On the whole I would say yes maintenance is easy 90% of the time but there are moments when the child in me throws a wobbler!

Does that make sense?


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I am very similar to Georgie on this one, most of the time I make sensible choices automatically, but I do have a "break out" every now and then, but usually make up for it the following day/s. Its not easy, but it is getting easier and I am hoping it will become second nature to me x


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Thank you both for your replies.

I guess by not completing LL maintenance (and putting a lot of weight back on) I have thought of myself as a failure and maintaining any weight loss seems like the elusive dangling carrot.

It's good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel :)


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I am half way through my journey and have been maintaining for over a year (not really by choice). I couldn't eat the way I used to now if I tried as my stomache is smaller as is my appetite. I have also learnt a lot about food and about myself and I know when to eat and when not to. I think maintenence for me when I finally (if I ever!) get to my goal will not be difficult but I know I can never take my eye off the ball.