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Maintenance Book


I was wondering if anyone could help. I started LL in January but my cllr quit at short notice and I've had to change to CD as there were no other LL cllrs in my area. However, I'm not too keen on the CD maintenance system (I'm now almost at goal!) as it uses calories and I would prefer to reintroduce food by groups for many reasons. However, I don't know where to get a copy of the LL maintenance book from (none on ebay). Does anyone have a spare one that I can buy or know anywhere else I can get one.


Maxie xxx
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I am hopeing to collect my management book this Saturday as been struggling with one stone to go.

I am not sure how thick the book is, but I am happy to copy it for you when back at work if nobody else has a spare or one does not appear on ebay.

Will watch the thread to see what happens, good luck

I have the management book. It is of the same thickness as the foundation book but in A4 size.

I also noticed that it is made just like the Foundation book - i.e. the pages might fall out easily if you spread it open for photocopying.

My foundation book is falling apart, and all I did was reading and writing on it and not so often either!! Now, I am handling the management book more carefully!
Also had a thought if not already had a look.

AJ and others have done great management threads and quite early on detailed what you could eat. This may help too in short term.

I can't wait to pick up this much coverted book today, I hope she has enough in!!!!

I intend to take each developing week at a time but hope I can make it to Goal, that said am desperate to eat now.

Good Luck

Hi, I wrote a list of the foods reintroduced for each week on a thread entitled "Management question please help" started by Betty Boo. It's on page 5 at the moment. The list isn't exhaustive and leaves out meat (wk 1 chicken, fish etc; wk 3 lean red meat) but it will give you an idea of the progression. I don't know how to do a link to the post I'm afraid! AJs management thread (sticky) has lots of info - I can recommend it.

have been to my group today and decided for various reasons not to collect the management books yet. If still looking for more deatils when I do, still happy to copy it

Meanwhile the threads tell you loads

Good Luck

Hi all,

Thanks for links and offer to post more info. Cambridge maintenance is really concerned with calories and is actually having quite a negative effect emotionally so I much prefer the LL option. Also, as a veggie with some food intolerances, I'm finding it very restrictive, to the point where I may end up binging! I've certainly been ill.

I'll have a look through the threads and through AJ's thread and make a list of what to have and then take it from there. I've finished ssing at BMI 23 with about 7lbs still to lose, but would rather finish higher and lose the excess than struggle with the issue of putting weight on.

Thanks again,

Maxie xxx

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