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Maintenance problem (Sorry for rantings )

Hi All,

I did SSing for nearly 31/2 months properly. I started at 95Kgs and stopped at 65Kgs when I got flu and stuff. I had to come out of SSing and could not do it as per the book.

My current situation is like this....

Because I have a little one to take care and work full time do not have time to exercise.

Though I am doing calorie counting (around 700Cals a day) still my weight is oscillating between 65kgs to 67kgs.

so everytime the weight increases I become so very conscious and cut down on my food. I have very bad hair loss and have still not started getting new hair even though I have started eating normal food.

Currently I am really confused and do not know how I can maintain this weight and not be afraid of food and be healthy...

Can anyone help me with this .... I am kind of scared about my health now and at the same time do not want to put on the weight I lost...

I still have another stone to lose. But am not worried about it now. Want to stabilise my weight and be healthy and then start thinking about my another stone to lose.:(
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When you say you're calorie counting less than 700 calories - are you doing that purely with food or are you using cambridge packs?


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Its a combination.

Sometimes I do only food and when I see the weight is increasing I take CD packs.
Does that make any difference?
Well if you're only having 700 calories a day and you're doing it with food it would be impossible for you to be having all your nutrients, vitamins minerals etc. Cambridge is a complete food and is formulated so that it provides you with all the essential nutrients - it's impossible to obtain the same with conventional food at such a low calorie intake.

Cambridge should be followed completely, you should work your way through the maintenance program when you reach your desired weight then you will prevent weight gain if you stick to the rules and you will have built your calories up to 1500 a day.

Please do not keep going with conventional food at less than 700 calories a day, you'll make yourself poorly I should imagine.:patback:


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Thank you very much for your advice Kath. You are right. These days, I have not been feeling good as I used to be when I was SSing

do you think I need to go back to 790 and slowly get into 1500?
Yes speak to your CDC and see what she advises. 790 then slowly up through the steps is the right way to do it, prefereably 2 weeks at each step :)

Good luck, let me know how it goes won't you :)


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I was struggling to lose the last stone and was working my way up through the plans I didnt lose anything for 8 weeks so went back to ss and have lost nearly half a stone this week. Im the sort of person that dosnt lose on anything above 800 cals. Just a thought as you are struggling a little.


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I dont think it is possible to lose weight while exercising intensily. I mountain bike race so train very hard in the high intensity heart rate zone so it makes very hard to lose weight. However out of season when exercising lightly and keeping my cals under 800 I can lose weight.
Anything above 800 cals I can maintain for ever and a day until I reach 1500 cals and then I seem to start gaining. That is just the way my body is.

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