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Maintenance products.


Here we go again!
My chemists told me today that they had been told by Lipotrim that the maintenance products are supposed to be had before your meals. Now I thought they replaced meals and so did they before they were told this.

Does anyone know for sure cos a lot of people refeeding seem to use them instead of meals? Is that right? I'm confused about this but cos I have some free samples to use I want to know how to use them properly, don't want to overeat on refeed!

Thanks for your help.
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Hi MiniB! Yes they can either replace a meal or be had before a meal. Whilst refeeding and maintenance they replace your breakfast. I think you gradually stop having them for breakfast on maintenance until you are maintaining your weight.

However during maintenance if you find you are snacking on bold stuff or have a particular weak time in the day. They recommend you should have a maintenance product before the meal to make you sooooo full, you wouldn't want to snack!! That's only if you are putting weight on again!!

I hope this helps and hasn't confused u more!! When do u start refeed? I started last tues and food has never tasted so good!!!

Irish Hobo :)

P.S. During refeed week you can use either the lipotrim TFR shakes or maintenance products. It's really up to the pharmacist and what he or she gives u!


Here we go again!
Thanks for that. Starting refeeding next saturday and can't wait. To have a variety of flavours and textures will be great. My chemists have been really good about refeeding saying if I want the TFR shakes or maintenance just buy whatever I want. I'll have to see.


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Sure, no problem!

Yeah the simplest flavours taste so good now. As for the maintenance products, they are quite a bit thicker than tfr shakes. I find the orange creme and carmel bar quite sweet too after being on tfr.
This week will go quickly and before you know it you'll be eating again! Good luck! :)

Irish Hobo :)


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I've been using them instead this second week Bev. It says on the sheet with them (you'll have one if you got the free samples) that when you have them before a meal you keep the meal down to 100 cals ..... not much of a meal anyway IMHO!
1st week you should be having the diet shakes anyway so it only applies after that really, although you CAN have the maintenance ones after day 3 if memory serves ...
Just a week to go!! :) x
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minib take a look at the letter jand wrote re what they said about the maintenace products to me....one person said that they were to be used INSTEAD of ALL meals and one person said they replaced one or two meals ....what they wrote on the paperwork doesnt seem to apply....therefore yet more conflicting advise.

h xx

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