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Hiya Derbynanny! There isnt a book regarding maintenance but your consultant will guide you on a weekly basis as to what level of food you should be consuming. The usual plan IS to add in extra HE's until you find a tipping point but you have that 6lb leeway (3lbs either side of your target) because SW take into account that your weight will naturally fluctuate from week to week. If you don't attend a group, I'd just continue to weigh in every week and, if you see a few lbs going on, get straight back onto plan 100%. You must be really chuffed that you're so close to achieving your dream so well done hun! xxxx
Thank you, I have been struggling with the last few pounds for the last couple of months so consultant has said to give it two more weeks and then where I am set that as my PAT.

I am currently training for the london marathon and exercise a lot and my body just likes this weight so even though I would love to lose another 5 to 7 this just might be it. Will be pleased to add in more HE :)
Have you tried doing a Superspeed week? They're the lowest of the low in terms of calories and it may help. Lots of fish and white meat is a SS food so there would be plenty of protein to help with your marathon training. Also, your consultant may be willing to give you the Fast Forward plan where you have to weigh and measure EVERYTHING you eat for a week, including fruit and veg. Its hard to do and you don't have much of a social life on it but the results are usually really good and it may just give you the boost you need to get you to target.
Loads of luck with the marathon. My friend did it a few years ago with the Slimming World official team and she loved every minute of it - we still can't shut her up about it today and its 3 years on!!!! Hahaha!! xxx
I only have a few pounds to lose and will be switching to maintenance soon.

Is there a book you get about maintenance from your consultant or do you just add in HEB 's until you get to a point when you are sts?

Hi Teresa,

I have been maintaining since June last year (well, until Xmas when I went slightly over target!!).

I just stick to SW as normal. I don't have any extra HEXs or extra syns, as I have to be pretty strict with myself to stay at Target.

I know some people are able to have extra HEXs, but I guess you just have to see what works for you when you get to Target.

Good luck with those last few pounds and well done on getting this far!

My consultant says she really thinks I should accept this as my target so doesn't want to give me the fast forward plan and to be honest I am not sure I would want to be so strict.

I didn't realise SW had a team do the marathon.

Julia I so hope I can have an extra heb or more :) LOL


Lover of Extra Easy
We are all different.
My Consultant has stated that everyone on maintenance does it differently.
She said there are three ways of doing it:

  • Adding extra HEXs until you reach the point when you STS
  • Upping syns until you reach the point where you STS
  • Keeping to 15 syns a day Mon-Fri and having more syns during the weekends
I have upped my syns, and my HEXs, when I feel like them, and so far am having 20-30 syns a day and have lost 2.5 syns, and then STS for 2 weeks.
When I put on, I will cut buck until I STS.


Lover of Extra Easy
ooh i could handle 20 to 30 syns a day LOL
Don't try it unless you are 100% sure as you could put in weight! ;)
Bare in mind that I only eat when I am hungry, so it's mainly one meal a day for me, with very few snacks.
If I ate loads of snacks and fruits (even syn free) I could not have that many syns.
Derbynanny how long did it take u to lose ur weight? im only need to lose a similar loss and it seems to be taking a while. What were u average weight loss week by week and did u ever STS?
I have lost only 8.5 pounds since joining SW this time most in the beginning then lots of sts in fact from end of november until last week every weigh in except 2 my weight has been 10 11 or 10 11.5 !!

I originally just wanted to get to 10 10 as this has been my goal weight in the past at WW and gives me a bmi of 25 but then thought I would attempt to go a little lower but can't even get to 10 10 LOL

Good luck


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