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I HAD A BIG FAT KFC AN HOUR AGO..WTF??:confused::confused:

i dunno what the hell happened. i was having a good day. i dont know what made me do it. not totm, no arguments with anyone, not stressed out....but somehow on the way back from town i found myself in the drive-thru.!!! :break_diet: and only an hour before that i was walking round town browsing round the shops and imagining my slimmer self on hols in some of the lovely bikini's and dresses that i seen..

i cant let this ruin my CD journey.no way. i feel like ive came so far and was so impressed with my first weigh in the other day. i just cant explain what happened.

although on reflection i was feeling quite hungry this afteernoon for the first time in ages even though im still drinking at least 3 litres of water. its always either mid aft or mid evening that i feel the need to eat. wondering should i maybe go onto SS+ for a while to see of that helps and have an extra shake a day.

i am mega annoyed with myself right now. wish i'd never had it. i didnt even enjoy it.!!! :sigh:

anyone else ever done this??
and any advice for me........HELP!!!!!!

Emz xx :(:(
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You're feeling understandably bad about yourself now while it sits in your system... but it's so greasy that it won't stay there for long! (Sorry :p).

This is no big deal. In fact, quite a mundane, everyday issue! ;) I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us do this. I certainly have done. A lot of people 'cheat' when things are bad or stressful, but like you, I always seemed to do it when things were going quite well.

Or... it's simply autopilot. You swung into that drive-thru without thinking, while were momentarily possessed by your old eating demons.

You learned you didn't even enjoy it, so you should actually be really, really glad you did it, because it means you won't do it again. Think of it as an academic experiment.

If you've got any more packs to have today, still have them and drink plenty of water and it'll all be a distant memory halfway down the sewer system by tomorrow morning :p
As said above (with the graphic content :)) it's done and you know you didn't even enjoy it. Let the memory of that be your motivation for not doing it again in future.

Don't be hard on yourself, life's too short (says Mr way too hard on himself), put it behind you and move on.
thanks guys.. still a bit annoyed but hopefully i'll feel better in the morning. new day and all that...........

Emz xx
Hope your feeling better about it today, I honestly think most people have a few blips whilst doing this very tough diet. I sure did on holiday and again 3 days later but I definately learnt from it and thats whats important, I think it can give you the push the carry on, if you know what I mean. Made me realise that I didnt enjoy the food as much as I thought I would since then I have been 100% ss, the most important thing is to get right back to it and remember how you felt after :)


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I hope you're feeling better today. Self-sabotage mostly happens to me too when I'm doing well, which is emotionally more gruelling in my opinion, because then you can't blame it on external factors (stress / anger / somebody buying KFC and waving it under your nose).

I set myself a mini goal to be under 10st by Friday, as I'm going on a break to see my partner who lives abroad. I weighed 10st 0.6 on Wednesday morning. Last night, I got home, and ate a bit of chilli con carne that was in the fridge, and some cheese. Yes, I'd been quite unwell during the day, but I just wanted some food! I felt HORRIFIC afterwards - why self-sabotage with so little time and weight to go? The frustration of it all is the hardest to deal with ("But I was doing so well! WHY!!!" etc.), just try to remember how annoyed and upset you were, when you're next tempted. But for now, draw that line and move on.

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