Extra Easy Major slip up


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The past 2 weeks I have had fantastic loses...3lbs per week.
But this week I have gone really off the rails! I weigh in on Thursdays (so tonight!) and I always tend to have a bit of a dodgy weekend...a few over syns and things but always get back on the plan for the working week.
But as Monday was valentines day, I ended up having a curry (a korma none the less! how bad is that!) with the OH...Oh and some B&J Ice cream at the cinema...then today I had a baked potato with beans and cheese :( and it was ALOT of cheese.
I know if was a pretty stupid thing to do on my weigh in day seeing as im only half a pound away from my 1st stone award!
I feel so down and that this weeks been a complete write off and that ill have to start completely from scratch next week. My confidence has taken a massive knock and I'm scared about going to the WI tonight.
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It's not too bad really, a couple of meals and treats over the week won't undo a whole week of work. You might STS, but at least you know why and it's not often that there's so much going on over a week.

Good luck, you might be surprised when you get on the scales!


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Hey Hun don't lose your confidence we all have these kinda days/weeks :hug99:. Just forget the bad days that you've had and move on. Hopefully you might STS, if not then atleast you know where you've slipped up. Just focus on being good this week and you can loose any weight you might put on - You know you can do it :)


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Don't worry too much Bambam - you might have a pleasant surprise at WI, you never know. Let us know how you get on.


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As everyone has already said, please don't get down. Put it behind you and once the wi is over you can start with a clean slate and make up for it this week!


S: 12st0.5lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.48%)
Just got back from WI...I put on a pound :(
I know it's not much but it has really upset me.
I'm vowing to stick to the plan 100% this week and journal my food again because I haven't for the past 2 weeks. I've also got monday and tuesday off work this week so will be gyming hard!!!
Oh well...I'm going to go and have a sulk in a hot bath and when I emerge the line will be drawn under this week :)
Thank you everyone for your support...it's really comforting to know people really are on your side and not trying to sabotage you like my work colleagues!

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Yes I reiterate that, line drawn, onward and upwards (or downwards) you will do it, youre doing so well. A little blip means youre human, we all do it