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Major struggle today...


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Hi all!

I really need some help, I am feeling really fed up today.
I am on day 10 and am still struggling with wanting to eat. I haven't cheated though and I don't intend to but it is making me wonder how long I can carry on for.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of moving from LT to Atkins?
I really don't want to come out of ketosis whenever I do stop and was wondering if I slowly cut down my packs and only ate Atkins friendly food would I continue to lose weight?

I really want to stick at TFR longer but think I need a plan for when I finally crack. The last thing I want to do is get so fed up I scoff a loaf of bread or something.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated...I'm sure every single person in my road has put their BBQ on just to depress me further!
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Love God; Love People
Hey Lisaberry, come on; you CAN DO IT! I know the feeling -food, food everywhere and not a bite to eat! My tummy is rumbling and I want to eat too, but for the joy I know is coming in the weeks ahead I will stick with this.
It might help if you fix a short term goal to start with. Say perhaps you'll just see what your next 2 weigh ins show and then make a decision? It makes it a bit easier to think its just another 2 weeks to go then decide what to do next.
Running to the forum always helps me, and trying on clothes that used to be too small, finding they fit better!
Lisaberry, chin up!


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Thanks, I think it's alot to do with it being the weekend. DH wanted to go out for lunch but as the pub is a 2-4-1 place I couldn't even go and not eat.
We ended up packing a picnic and taking the kiddies to the local country park. It was fine but for the first time I properly felt liwas was missing out.

I think the second week slow weight loss isn't helping. Getting on the scales and seeing them go down really helped last week but they haven't moved since Thursday and so I don't have that to spur me on!



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I'm feeling a little better now!
I've just made up a choc pack with an ickle bit of water and cooked in microwave, it's very nice and I think having something slightly different is pushing me on!

My very unsupportive husband just told me to break my diet and have a Chinese for tea! Argh, no wonder I struggle when this is what I'm up against!
Lisaberry keep at it

You can do it don't have a blip I did this week and i'm not looking forward to getting weighed on tuesday. But we're only human look at your short term goals. I was looking at your statistics we have nearly the same to lose. I'm hoping by the end of this week I'll be into the 12 stone mark.


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I got on the scales this morning and I was 11:10.5 so that's another 2.5 down since Thursday! That should help push me through today!! Husband wants to go for a fry up at Tesco on a minute but at the minute sitting there with a black coffee doesn't bother me!

I'm really really not intending to have a blip...let's hope day 12 is easier than day 11!!


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Yes we are and that's a real support knowing others are feeling the same as me!
Good luck for today!


Love God; Love People
Hi Lisaberry, just got back from a party with LOTS of good (if highly calorific!) food around me. It was buffet style and I hoped it didn't show that I wasn't having any as I did go to the food row and served 2 plates for the children! I felt like I could do with some but now I'm so glad I didn't. Just had a hot choc lipotrim -was lovely!
Lisaberry, we've proved that we can go out with family or to social events and survive not eating!!
I hope your last 24hr success at staying on inspires you further!
Dont you give up Lisa girl!!
i started the day after you, nearly same starting weigh, lost the same in first week too! I still feel hungry ... well i reflected on those last four words with what a fellow Lipomember messaged me. Is it hunger, or is it i want i want syndrome. Seriously have a think.
I too have family that will chomp takeaways, desserts, and noisily too around me. Askin would i like a glass of wine etc. Stay strong, think of your goal (also same as mine, well great minds etc :) ) WE CAN DO THIS. you're stronger than ya think cos as someone just said before, ya've been in social situs and sat with your family n not cracked. Dont crack now!
I was fearful bout this second week too - i didnt think i'd lost another 9lbs this week, but i'm hopin for 5. But its A LOT in 2 wks. Dont get slumped over numbers, look at the bigger picture. And think this time in Aug how different n fantastic you'll look. Others have a lot more to go than us, they do it, so can we!
Dont you dare crack now babe!!! xx


a new way of living!

I had/have this problem too, this is round two for me - (long story) last time it took till day 12-14 to really not care who was eating what around me, after that I was even ok sat in macdonalds while my friends had burgers, before that I wanted to kill anyone with food!

last time my OH was still eating, on a diet but eating, it was hard, this time he is doing it with me, and its still hard! lol its easier not seeing food, but he is running around with loads of keto incused energy, and I, like last time, am a misery guts surrering from fatigue! its not fair ;)

I am pleased for him bless him, but its hard feeling rubbish (day 5 for me today) I know i'll feel better in a little over a week.

hang in there, for some of us it does take a little longer to feel anything like normal, but one day, you will just wake up, get on with the day, and later you think - hang on, I dont feel crap! woo hoo! at last!

good luck and well done for sticking it so far.


Love God; Love People
...its hard feeling rubbish (day 5 for me today) I know i'll feel better in a little over a week.

...good luck and well done for sticking it so far.
We're both on Day 5, I identify completely, but let's stick with it. Just think, in the next couple of days we'll be sharing our weight losses from the 1st weigh in. How exciting!


a new way of living!
:D very true! today in fact, I got the packs on a monday afternoon and started on the diet on the tuesday morning, so after six days... drum roll drum roll....

I have lost 7lbs! by pharm scales, (I was wearing a dress rather than a denim skirt though, so is really 6lbs)

good luck for your wi.


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Oh dear, I'm not happy this morning!
Yesterday I thought enough was enough, went and bought loads of protein and decided to start the dukan diet. I ate some ham, chicken and fromage frais.
This morning I am full of regret and feeling awful!
I shouldn't have knocked myself out of ketosis but it's back to shakes for me.
I feel such a fool!


Love God; Love People
I saw your other post on a different thread iLisa and its good to know you're back on track now!
Don't feel like a fool. You're not being fair on yourself. We're only human and there is something that seems so unhuman about not eating anyfood. You've lost 12.5 lbs in 2 weeks - that's AWESOME! The best thing would probably be to take it a week at a time. You've done 2 so now you will aim for 3 and then when 3 is up you will think now I am going for 4. Before you know it you will have been on LT for 2 months and you'll look back and think 'how the heck did iI do that!'

You can do it! x


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Thanks guys for your support!
I've done really well today.... I went with the kiddies and my parents to Longleat safari park. We packed a massive picnic and I didn't eat a thing! Then when everyone had ice creams- not even a lick!

Then my husband called me and asked if I still wasn't eating as he wanted to get a take away tonight. Argh, mow it's all I can think about but I won't have one!

I haven't had chance to have my second shake yet. Should I still have the other 2 or should I just have 1 more today?


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Have them both hunny you need the nutrients. I have been known to have my last one after midnight :) xxx

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