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Operation Hottie Kidnap
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Well, with everything that's gone on the last few weeks, I want to ring in some fresh new changes.

One of them is my make up. My foundation is pretty much all finished now and rather than buying what I have been using for the last few years, I fancy a complete and utter change!

I was using the Boots No 7 All Day Perfection Compact foundation in New Ivory, with a sweep of their loose translucent powder to set it. I've just recently bought new mascara and eyeliner, in the L'Oreal range, so will make do with thos euntil they run out!

What does everyone else use and/or recommend?

My skin tends to be a bit on the dry side, thoughs ince starting SW I do now occasionally have outbursts of spots for some reason. I also have quite high cheek colouring so don't need to use blusher, but could do with the colour toning down slightly.

I am considering heading down to the big shopping Mall maybe on Saturday and going to the huge Boots store and getting one of the counters to do me a make-over, but not sure what brand to choose!
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I am a total Benefit addict. I love it. :) I can be pricey, but the make-up is brilliant quality. Definitely worth going into Boots and getting them to do a make over. It makes me feel really good once I have had my make up done nicely. :) x
I used to be as well. But have found thier foundations somewhat wanting recently.

For cheap, every day use (about a tenner) I get the MaxFactor Facefinity Compact in Ivory. Its got good coverage (have the same red issue you do) and also not drying, but good sopt coverage.

For expensive, I use Bobbi Brown oil free foundation in Warm Ivory, with loose powder to set it. I only use on special occassions though!


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I have never used Bobbi Brown but have heard it is lovely.

I use the Benefit 'You Rebel Light' tinted moisturiser for my foundation gives just about enough covering for me. My Mum uses Clinque make up which I also borrow sometimes which I find is nice to use. :)


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I'm yet to find a foundation that I LOVE so will watch this thread with interest. I currently use an Avon jobby which does the job on the one day I week I wear make up. Eyes, I use mostly Barry M Dazzle Dust but that's because again the one day a week I wear it, it has to be stage-y and glam. Bodyshop mascara (in a pink and black swirly tube) is the best I've ever had in my life, second is Max Factor 2000 calorie. Lips - Marvelips and Sexy Mother Pucker both by Soap and Glory and I have about 20 blushers ranging from £1 to £25 and they all do exactly the same thing!

I'm a bit freckly and like to cover them up but hate the feeling of make up on my face so the lighter the better.
Anyone used that Matt Mousse stuff? It's supposed to be great but I can't imagine it not being cakey.
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At the moment I am loving lily lolo mineral makeup and bare minerals. I find these are good for my skin as I used to get a lot of breakouts, but haven't had so many since switching to mineral makeup. I love that it looks a lot more natural than some other foundations and doesnt feel like you are wearing foundation.

But for a night out I will wear Estee Lauder Double wear - I have both the normal and the light version - love them both!

I loved the no 7 mousse makeup that comes in a jar but found it was no use for my skin type, loved the way it looked on.

I'm such a makeup junkie! I think I'v tried every brand going! Haha! Bourjois used to do a nice foundation it was nice and light and I do like the Benefit makeup (can't remember the name of it).

I'm not a fan of Rimmel as I used to really struggle to find a good match in colour, but they probably have a lot more shades now since I tried them.

Sorry for writing so much.......

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Bare Escentuals - the original mineral foundation and still the best - I started using it about Easter and my skin looks better than it ever has. I'm never going back to liquid foundations.
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I use Clarins touch of comfort, it's perfect for me, gives me a perfectly light coverage, but to be honest it really depends on your skin type, i went into Debenhams and went round various beauty counters until i found one i liked x


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PatchworkPuss said:
Bare Escentuals - the original mineral foundation and still the best - I started using it about Easter and my skin looks better than it ever has. I'm never going back to liquid foundations.
Another bare escentuals/bare minerals fan here! It lasts all day, looks flawless, has an SPF and I'm sure it improves my skin as well:)
I'm a benefit addict too- buy it all brand new off eBay. It's a 1/3rd of the price!!
I don't use foundation but dot clinique concealer where I need it.

If u are wanting to try something new but aren't sure what brand - u could ask at some of the make up counters for foundation samples otherwise it can work out costly if it doesn't suit u.
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Im a No7 girl :)
Tinted moisturiser
Colour Calming Primer (Green - tones down my old red cheeks)
intelligent colour foundation

Those are the 3 i use :)
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I have redness too and absolutely cannot use green tinted corrector as it turns me grey!
I use yellow toned concealer Lily Li-Lo do a fab yellow powder, Clinique also do a yellow powder and a yellow concealer stick which is a rare as hens teeth!

Although I hate the Rimmel brand (Kate Moss makes me want to spit), my dort bought me their Matt Perfection foundation and I love that.

I've got long thin lashes and have tried every mascara ever made I think, Clinique is great for coverage but the tiniest tear washes it into the eye where it stings like *******!
The best was a shocker to me as it's George at Asda, great coverage, thickens and lengthens and dries fairly quickly, and BONUS cheap as chips!


Operation Hottie Kidnap
S: 12st5lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 0st11lb(6.36%)
Thanks for the replies everyone, I shall go and have a wander around the huge Boots in a couple of weeks time and see what I fancy! Might even use up my tinted moisturiser in the mean time and nip there each weekend and try out a different brand and get a makeover for each! ;)

I have a really nice mascara atm - L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D - which seems to work really well on my short and thin eyelashes... the downside is that my ex paid for it (bunged it into the Asda shop a few weeks back and for some reason he paid for once!) and everytime I use it I get a bit arsey and don't want to use it! Still do though!

The No 7 stuff seems to work ok for me, but the foundation doesn't last all that long, in fact seems to have worn off by lunchtime when at work.

But the main reason for wanting a change is just me throwing my toys out the pram really, and wanting a complete change - the same reason I put 4 huge bin bags of clothes into the clothes bank at the weekend! Things I bought when with him or footie shirts he bought cheap on eBay for me - never wanted to see them again let alone wear them!

I've already changed the scent of laundry liquid I use, the same with shower gel... shampoo could be next! The only thing I won't change is the hair colour, it's still going to be dyed blue/black every few weeks! Much to my mother's dismay as she ends up with the job of doing it!

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