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Making a curry sauce


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Curry is one of my big loves, and the Mrs is fantastic at making them (she makes lovely, very healthy curries that taste as nice to me as any takeaway).

She uses loads of veg in the sauce (whirred down with a hand mixer) and spices. However, she also uses passata and chick peas, which are the two elements of this we can't use.

She has her thinking cap on, but anyone got any ideas what we can use to complete our sauce? I know S&S have made a mild curry but I'm a fair distance from needing a new order, plus I'd like to be able to make a big veg curry without a pack, or much in the way of calories.

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Are you okay with using some of your protein allowance in it? If so, I have an idea which you might like - depends on your tastes though (some people need the tomato in their curry or won't accept it haha)

Brown some shallots with crushed garlic (and some onion powder if you have some - doesn't make a difference to losses in my experience) using frylight. When browned add in some bouillion and simmer for approx 10 minutes. You can add blended veggies at this point if you like - I would!
After simmering then put in however much curry powder you like. I also like to add loooooads of chopped fresh spinach in at this point. If you do, simmer for 5-10 until the spinach has wilted. Then turn off the heat. Put your quark in a bowl and gradually add a few tbsp of of bouillion (tablespoon by tablespoon) and mix really thoroughly. Then pour back into the curry (the heat should be off at this point), then mix well over a very low heat. If you heat the quark too much it'll separate! I'm a bit hazy on the measurements - I'm a bit of a pinch, dash and sprinkle measurer!


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Thanks Lucy, sounds like this might give me what I'm looking for. I did think weak bullion might be usable to make it saucy but was struggling to think how to then give the sauce body. Hadn't thought of quark for that! I can use some for my allowance, as long as I have some left for chicken or turkey lol x


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Wow, she managed to make a lovely curry - will post the recipe in the recipe subforum.

Thanks Lucy for the help - the big missing ingredient was the quark!