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I have seen a post (was it you, Jim?) warning of the problems with maltitol.I regularly read a website on diabetes (it runs in the familly) called mendosa and i stumbled upon this article:
Net Carbs. I thought it made sense until i saw the end on "response from Atkins". What gives? Does it means Atkins' products contain maltitol? The article is a bit old now, maybe the products no longer contain maltitol?
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ive never heard of this sorry
I know, I really do think it was easier when I started, no one in England was doing it, I had the '72 version of Atkins book and just stuck to that, it was very simple really, no processed foods at all and 3 mugs of chopped green leaf veggies a day. I drank decaf tea and coffee, loads of water and no LC or SF foods at all. These days there are so many temptations I feel. I like KISS and that's how I did it.
What is KISS? Sorry if it's obvious, am still waiting for my book to arrive! Also, what made you choose Atkins over anything else if you don't mind me asking?
ah sorry, old Army term, Keep It Simple Stupid. :)
Haha I thought it was an Atkins rule :D. Either way, sounds sensible. Do you still eat things like Mims? You seem to have been so successful, I'd like to try your approach.
I don't eat mims, not because I think they are illegal or anything, I just mainly stuck to unprocessed meat and green leafy veggies. The only thing I didn't do was to stop drinking alcohol, most Friday nights on induction I'd have a bottle of dry red wine,. Didn't need more than that. ;)
ooops missed the other question.

I tried loads of diets, none of them suited me really, Atkins was a last resort because everyone was going on about how dangerous it was. As it happens it wasn't dangerous for me and worked just fine.
Jamie was always doing that in the afternoon when he was little Linz, Eleanor on the other hand though having to go to bed was a personal imposition.


Call me Linzi...
Jacob I would never find asleep in bed he was always on the floor when he was younger... it was dead cute b'coz he really did look like he'd fallen asleep in the middle of playing!!

Amalie has always got herself into bed usually snuggled up to something cuddly... but today she was face down in the middle of her room, she now has lovely red doll marks on her face where she's collapsed on top of her!!
LOL I can picture it Linzi, on the other hand I can still see my son's face when he woke up one morning and he'd drunkenly slept with his face in a curry, he had a half yellow face for days, laugh, I pe'ed myself, still tease him about it now. He had to go back to Uni after the weekend and face his mates as well. :D