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  1. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Hi All
    I have been on Exante since 7 January and spent many hours catching up with all your threads which have been so inspiring and not sure I would have been so focused without you all so a BIG thank you x.

    Well I started my journey at 11 stone 11 and my goal is to get to 9 stone 11. I have lost 7 lb so far, 4.5lb in week 1, and my next WI is Monday.

    I did LL lite 2 years ago and got to 10 stone, then stopped as got married, went on hols, focus changed and ended up back to high 11's - gutted.

    Anyway as was used to LL with a meal in the evening thought I would start with the WS. By day 5 I was not feeling hungry at all, ketosis I guess not that the sticks said that! Plus was so motivated by all the threads from TS people so did a day TS and found it totally fine. This week I have done 2 TS days so far. My plan now is to do roughly half and half. When I do have a meal it is all with ketosis foods.

    Had a real light bulb moment yesterday. Had a horrible day at work. Usual reaction for me would be to reach for a large glass of wine and or russle up some edible treats to make me feel better. But no. I didnt, I didnt even think about either of those. I just cried! Cried and cried, pathetic but couldnt stop. Even cried to myself again this morning. What I have realised and this is the lightbulb bit is that food and wine have been used as a crutch. I feel like I have turned a corner and by letting the emotion out instead of blocking it with food I am now determined to take steps next week to ensure that I get help with my workload and stop trying to do too much or being the hero.

    Oh dear, bit of a babble! But better out then in !!

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I will catch up on the threads and see what going on out there.
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  3. Noor30

    Noor30 Silver Member

    Well done Mandy!!! You're doing great!
  4. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Thanks Noor! Was just catching up with your diary. You are so right that a good catch up on the forum diaries keeps the motivation levels up there. My will power is top drawer today so happy keeping busy and sipping my water!!
  5. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Day 13. 11 4 on scales so sts since yesterday, therefore still 7lb loss so far. Had small meal last night but tbh made me feel really full and wish I hadnt had it! Couldnt eat my 3rd pack which I usually have as a bar in the evening as I am a bad TV watching snacker and having the bar to nibble around 8pm suits me well.

    DOing TS today as home alone. OH gone abroad for work (somewhere hot whilst we here in the snow!) and teenager at his girlfriends until later this evening (he mega loved up lol).

    Have had lazy start so only just had my porridge, think will have shake or another porridge around 6 and then a bar and coffee at 8.
    Loving the porridge. I do it for a good 3 mins and let it stand for a bit half way thro and again just before eating it as it thickens up nicely making the texture better. Have to keep an eye on it in the microwave as has boiled up over the bowl before and made a right mess!

    WI tomorrow would be good to lose another lb to make 8lb in two weeks. Not too bad as mainly WS. Hoping for a 12-14 lb loss for the month.

    Going to get some housework done now. Will check in again a bit later.
  6. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Well done so far you are doing great :) xx
  7. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    WI at 11.4 so no change from yesterday.

    Week 1 -4.5
    Week 2 -2.5 = 11.4

    Still focused!
  8. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Argh no change again. Trying to not lose faith. Will put to back of mind and keep going surely it impossible to not lose. i am either doing ts days or under 1000 calories (and no carbs) when on ws days.
  9. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Another work buffet successfully avoided. Didn't even want any of it so not hard.

    Meant I didn't have anything to eat after my breakfast porridge until 6. Had small chicken salad then my bar. Going to settle down now with hot choc shake plus need to get another litre of water in me.

    Feel a bit slimmer in my clothes but scales not moving. Going to start taking the P husks tomorrow wonder if that will make a difference?
  10. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Why are working lunches so carb heavy?

    We spend all day on our backsides and when no time to even have a lunch break they wheel in diet busting carb feasts! Perhaps a devious plan so that one day we too fat to get out the door to get home.

    Say no to beige food!
  11. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Confession first. I had two glasses of wine last night with a friend. Have counted in my calories (do on MFP) and because I had a really light meal calorie wise it has only taken me 50 cals over my 1000 (WS 400 cals plus 3 packs = 1000). Not sure if the sugar in the wine will affect Ketosis? Anyone know?

    Good news is that after STS since last Saturday I am down another lb to 11.3. Tales me to 8lb loss todate. WI on Monday.

    Been better with my water, taking on around 3 litres plus coffees etc and it does seem to make a difference.

    Chicken and veg tonight. Have had my porridge which I still love. Got a strawberry shake out for lunch and will have a hot choc shake this evening whilst TV watching.
  12. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    No change on the scales today. Ordered more porridge and bars last night as decided to stick with this until end March. I did think about using up the shakes over the next couple weeks then moving to WW or similar but Exante helps provide focus and structure to my day and so probably easier to keep with it. The low cal meals in the evening are more than sufficient and am quite used to it and happy that not hungry at all.

    I sometimes wonder if on WW I would have lost the same in 3 weeks as my losses are slow (8lb to date) but thinking it through that is unlikely. I looked at my old LL lite diary and I lost 10lb in first 4 weeks on that so this is pretty much in line. I lost focus then what with the wedding etc ( this was back in 2011), only did an additional half hearted 4 weeks but still got to 10 stone. I am more focused this time around, although I have started at a higher weight so will take longer.

    So new packs will arrive tomorrow I think and that gives me plenty to be able to have porridge everyday for breakfast, shake or another porridge for lunch, a low cal meal in the evening (400 cals tops with nocarbs) and a bar in the evening or a hot shake.

    On working lunch days I will take a shake or a bar. I will aim to do two TS days per week and when I do then I may allow myself more calories on the Saturday, no TS in the week then no extra cals on the Saturday. I will continue to stick to no carbs in my real food. This starts to fit in with the 5/2 fasting or JUDDD style diets which I am thinking may be the best next step to maintain and perhaps lose an extra couple lb.

    I have planned out my weight loss journey on the basis of an average of 2lb per week.

    18 Feb 10st11 1 stone lost
    4 March 10st7 will fit into most of old clothes okay at this point
    25 March 10st1 last visit in the 10's
    8 April 9st11 2 stone lost TARGET HIT
  13. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Naughty glass of red wine last night. Took total cals up to 1150. I must make sure I dont start going down slippery slope!!

    Was pleased with a 1lb loss on the scales this morning. 11.2... 3 more lb to get out of the 11's!

    Doing a TS day today
  14. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Updated ticker!
  15. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    Well done on ur loss Mandy :) I'm doing ws as I can't go without food :) hope u have an amazing day Hun xxx
  16. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Hi Thanks for that, appreciate you popping by. It is slow going but like you I need my food, just not as much as I was having!! I am finding this a really good way of retraining habits and good to know that when cals for the day are low then still getting all the vitamins etc that we need. I cant wait to be in the 10's though and am trying hard not to be impatient which is something I am really bad at lol !!

    Hope you have a good day too - will pop by your diary later for a catch up. x
  17. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    Good morning :) how's it going? What days do you weigh in. I'm on day 4 now just tried the porridge and its very yummy. Better than the carbonara lol. I'm going to buy some baking paper later and try microwaving the soups into crisps as I can't bear them. Are u doing any excersise with your plan xxx
  18. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    You are doing great Mandy xx
  19. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Hi yes all going okay thanks x. I did a TS day yesterday as suited me, I had to pick up OH from airport so didnt have time to eat anyway. Back to WS today.
    I weigh in on Mondays so same as you. I am a daily weigher though, cant help it! Did you manage to get any scales?

    I adore the porridge and so nice to have something warm. I sometimes have it twice a day! I havent had any carbonara, I dont like it usually let alone in packs lol. I didnt get any soups either but would be fun to find out how the crisps go!!

    I have got to get doing more exercise, am hardly doing anything at the moment! Dont want to end up lighter but untoned. My gym membership stopped last year and I havent been running as so cold plus work so busy. I think I might check out this shred dvd that everyone going to have a go at. Have you done it before? Everyone on the forum getting more into the exercise side of things now which is really good motivation to shake myself up a bit.

    Hows your day been?
  20. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Thanks ED x. Really impressed with your losses though - you're doing fab! I'm going to check out this shred dvd now. Everyones good exercise talk is making me realise that I need to do something!!
  21. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    My gym membership really went to waste last year I'm not allowing it this year. No scales yet I think I'll pop to Asda tomorrow as i need chicken and baking paper to make my crisps tomorrow lol so will let u know how they turn out. The 30 day shred is great I love jillion Michaels. :) I hate this part of the eve I always want to eat . Xxx

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