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many happy returns....

well not so happy, but I am re- returning. Hopefully for the last time. Thought I'd post in here rather than on the main forum.
reading some of the posts on here they mirror mine.

Did fab on LL in 2009 but have put 3/4 of weight back on.

I have dabbled at coming back to LL and done up to 12 / 13 days max but this time I have joined a group and am going to do the full 100 days

I think being abstinent for 6 months messed with my eating habits and I have been a bit strange with food since - something I plan to sort out this time round.

I had my pop in today - lost 7lbs since wednesday so a good start.

How are other returners finding it - is the weight loss as quick second time round?

Daisy x
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Determined to succeed
Hi Daisy. Long time - no hear. How you keeping. I keep meaning to come on and catch up with everyone that kept me motivated through my journey and i have to say you were one of them. You have done it b4 and you can do it again :) x x
Well IWGT. Look at you !!!
Congratulations. :D
Hi Daisy. I'm back on packs for a short blast after letting myself go on holiday and (apparently) gaining a whole stone in a week :eek:. Am sure that defies the laws of physics or something, but have come back to lose that stone and the three pounds I'd been in denial over before going away :D. I'm on day two and finding it a bit difficult from time to time but keep boiling the kettle or drinking water with St Clements and praying that the ketosis fairy visits soon!

How are you managing?

By the way, "I will get there" I had a look at your profile album and you look amazing. What a wonderful transformation. You must be so proud! :)
IWGT - hi there - how are you, are you maintaining OK?
SM - Its the end of day 6 and I feel fine - weigh in tomorrow night!
I was in ketosis by day 3 morning and didn't get any side effects. good luck with your weight loss
daisy x


Determined to succeed
Thanks Slendablenda, thanks spanglymum. Need to put a new pic up. Still getting used to being normal.

Daisy yea i'm maintaining not too bad. My weight goes from 8st to about 8st 5lb. When i feel my clothes starting to feel tighter i cut back for a few days until they feel comfortable again. Still go to all my classes. Its an addiction. From one extreme to the other x


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I've actually found it easier this time, maybe my head is in the right place and we know it works if you stick to it. My weight loss is pretty much the same as last time so hopefully........................ in 6 months I'll be a healthy BMI for the first time ever!! It's really exciting!
Good luck to you. xx
Its going really well - lost 13 lbs in the first two weeks, 1lb more than first time round. i have had 2 bars each day last week as i was camping and was a bit worried it might mean a lowerloss, but it was fine.
Hope everyone else is doing oK
daisy x