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Marathon Inspiration!


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So I'm about to watch the marathon, having just been watching the Clipper race... I do this EVERY year...

I have fantasies that if I ever lost the weight, got fit, etc etc, then I could do something like that... and by the end of the day, I've realised I have to live life now, so I get on my trainers and go for a walk... I enjoy walking every day for a week or two, and it makes me feel better...

So, I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks.. but THIS year I'm going to look for ways of finding it easier for the motivation to last longer...

any ideas very welcome!!! :D

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Mrs Lampard is so very right.....
Your motivation, the very one thing that can keep you going is the one thing that you have already, The choice to make differences in your life.
Sometimes we fear the very things that can make us truly happy, but we can take charge if we 'choose' to.

For me it was the not wanting to feel my life spiralling out of control anymore, not wanting to feel second best, whilst actually putting myself in that position.
You are right V, life is for now! There isn't a magic change at the end of your journey, the changes start right now! They might be baby steps as in my case, but we can all reach our dreams...
Make a list of ALL the things you might want to do, it doesn't matter if they are small things, doesnt matter if they seem insignificant.... In fact lots of small things make the big things look so much more achievable.
Good look for your journey... and start to live!!



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Hey V, I am TOTALLY with you on that one. I've been like that too. I was only just talking to my friend earlier about how part of me would absolutely love to run a marathon and just the immense sense of personal achievement that would come from that. Though I don't think I could walk 26 miles, let alone run it at the moment!

That is my plan though, once I've lost the weight. To eventually run the marathon. It's even on my 'Bucket List'!! Though I might work up to it with a 10k run, half marathon etc. But hopefully, one day, we'll both be there!


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There was a guy there this morning, who was 23 stone last year!!!!


April 2011...


and the good news...


So.. 24 months time, we could ACTUALLY BE THERE!!



Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
I might actually apply for next year. The likeliness of getting chosen through the ballot is pretty low, but if you get rejected a certain number of times (I think it's 5, though I'm not sure) you're guaranteed entry. So at least that way I'm closer to that! I'll see though, not quite sure!


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Why not start running smaller races?

It might not seem like much but I ran the Race for Life a good few years back and felt so proud of myself for doing it. I used to run cross country for my school and I loved it. I'm going to start running again closer to goal.

I was planning on running this year, but doubt my CD would be enough to get me through the training and race day, and selfish as it sounds the weight loss is more important to me.

Also no-ones sponsored me so I'm not letting anyone down by not running.

I will walk it though/

How about signing up for a 5 k, then a 10k? and working up from there?

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