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March Challenge

Hi Shelz,

Could I please join you? It may help me to keep on track,only just started this weight loss journey, but we are going away for a week in march and I`m sure we will eat out lots, so this should help to keep me motivated :)


Jules-7 lb
My March challenge: 14lbs :(

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hi, I'm new on here.
Am breast feeding my 10 week old baby so trying to lose slowly through healthy eating - hope this board is ok for me.
I'd love to lose 7lb (or more) in March. :) So that'll be my goal too!

Good luck! OH and to start the month off.. I have the challenge of St Davids Day as I live in SW Wales we traditionally have Cawl (soup) and Welsh Cakes (like scones).. so will have to limit those! lol Thankfully I've college that night so that'll keep me away from the welsh cakes! lol
Can i join please? id love to lose 7lbs this month too! x

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Shelz-good idea! I'll be going on holiday for 3 weeks as of the 23rd, so I'll have an early announcement I suppose.

I'm in for -6 lbs :)

x Nee x

Gold Member
I am aiming for 8lbs for March - preferbly more :)

So Im in. Also started a thread on my next big challenge to lose 4 stone by 6th Sep if anyone wants to join in :)
Hows everyone doing so far?


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Ugh, I've stsed this week but it wasn't a big surprise. Planning on being REALLY good this week-so far so good. Hopefully I'll be able to shed those 6 bad boys.

How's everyone else getting along?
Im doing quite well this week, weigh day is tomorrow for me :)
Can I join too please? Would love to lose 8 pounds preferably more :)
4.6lbs done! :D


Silver Member
I'm 4lb down this week, 3 more to go!

I am off to London this week for a couple of days. I plan to be very good and excercise early before we leave on Wednesday and when we get back Thursday!
Just did my weigh in and I have lost 8lbs this week!!!!!

Sooooo Happy!!

You'll get rid of those 3lbs xx


Silver Member
Wow, thats fantastic Nee!! That is over half a stone! You've already smashed your March target! Brilliant news, keep up the good work! :)
Thanks, Im so happy :) worst thing is Im now thinking, how could I have improved it to have lost more ha ha never happy hee hee


Silver Member
over half a stone in a week is one hell of an achievement. i know you will be looking back thinking what if i didnt do this would that have made a difference - we all do it. You cant live with regrets though, think about it and capitalise on it this coming week.

You have done so well, am so proud of you :)

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