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Marian Keyes

Ooh I've read A Charming Man! Must go out and buy some more of her books soon as I've read all mine! :D I always seem to read her books quickly too, must be because they're so enjoyable lol!

Is it me or does anyone else hear her Irish accent in the characters lol? :confused::p


Talks too much
love marian keyes, read all her stuff. if ur gonna buy her books id advise going to any good charity shop, they are usually coming down with them!
I've seen quite a few of her books in Asda too and they're usually only about £4 each. :D:D I must admit I'm not over keen on second hand books, but only because of the possibility of paper fleas or missing pages - I'd hate to get through 200 pages only to find one missing! :sigh::rolleyes:
OK I'm with you on feet. Clean or otherwise!

But I love the library. They order books from other branches and it is there waiting for you. All for 50p. And the best thing is, I get to give them back! I don't mind buying from charity shops but then I'm not forced to give them back and they hang around cluttering up my flat!
I don't mind second hand books, I dunno about second-hand feet though..:rolleyes: :D

Absolutely love MK, am reading Anybody out there. Have about 8 of her books. I must buy this charming man and rachels holiday.
I have just read the book 'Is anyone out there' by Marian Keyes and loved it... Are the rest of her books as good?
I have just read the book 'Is anyone out there' by Marian Keyes and loved it... Are the rest of her books as good?
Definitely, in fact for me "is anyone out there" wasn't one of her best. I love the Walsh family. My favourites are probably Watermelon and Rachel's Holiday. Also like Last Chance Saloon and The Other Side of the Story.

Not so keen on Angels or Sushi for Beginners. Haven't read This Charming Man yet - am on hols soon so will probably buy it at the airport.
I have just started this charming man and have discovered last chance saloon sat on my bookself unread....I love her Walsh family also and imagine myself sat on the sofa in their house.....I too hear the accent and I am with sandy over the second hand books and feet...totally understand where your coming from on both those...xx
Oooooooooh - might have to go book shopping tomorrow.

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