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Maria's weightloss diary!!


Was born to shop
Hello all

Thought it was about time I jotted down a wee diary.

Started sw wednesday before last, coming straight off CD (thank god), on wednesdays wi I had put on a lb, which in the grand scheme of thing isn't too bad :D

Anyway, a bit about me, (really boring I'm afraid...) I'm 27 and mum to a 7 year old boy and 5 year old girl, they keep me on my toes but are really great kids. Weight started piling on in my first pregnancy, and i never really done anything about it.

My heaviest weight was 14 stone, where I was a size 20. I am down to 11 stone now and have a stone and a half to get to my target weight of 9 st 7.

My main reason for losing weight is that I got married oct 07, and am really dissapointed with my weight at that time as I felt I looked horrid in my wedding photos, and I cant go back and change it.

I always say im never going to be overweight in the summer (for the last 4 years or so:D).

I'm going easy on myself and my goal date is the 1st june, so around about 4 months away, which I think is achievable if I'm a good girl.

Am in the process of moving house which is sooooooo stressful, im very tempted to reach for the sin laden quick snacks and foods, but I have resisted so far.

Kids are off school, we live in Somerset, and the lanes and roads here are trecherous at the moment, so they have been watching kiddies films on the SKY+ (where would we be without it).

Today I have eaten special k sustain and red milk for breakkie, chicken and lettuce sandwich for lunch, 2 babybels, pickled onions (love em) and grapes. For dinner I will be having the eatsmart sausages, poached eggs, bacon and tinned toms, probably followed by a mullerlight.

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Over half way to target
Hi Maria - a lot of people that come off Cambridge seem to go on SW. Cambridge sounds tough!
If you're fed up about your wedding photos, you could always renew your vows when you get to where you want to be, lovely new wedding dress, the works! Could be your reward for losing the weight?
Good luck with your diet.


Was born to shop
Thanks for replying melanie, I would love to do the wedding thing again a few stone slimmer :D

Well diet still going well, had special k sustain with red top milk for brekkie, a chicken and pickled onion sandwich with grapes, 3 mini babybel lights, not sure what to have for tea, the eat smart sausages are calling again! may have them with some mushrooms and onions, yuuum, i soooooo love SW!!

my mum is coming down to look after the kids for a week in may, so hubby and I are off to spain, and i want to be as close to my goal weight as possible :D

The kids dad is also having them for a week in october, so we are looking to get away then too, want somewhere warm that isn't to long haul, any suggestions?

Have spent the day packing my clothes, i bought 2 pairs of jeans and a top in peacocks last week and only realised today they still have all the dye-tags on, so will have to journey there this week again! I live right by a massive outlet centre called clarks village, and always end up coming away with mega bargains, I adore clothes shopping!!!

Anyways, really into the zone now and am enjoying my food, i even turned down a mcdonalds tonight, and that is usually my achilles heel.

have another packing today tomorrow before I move on monday, the fun!!

Am also going to join my local gym and invest in a bike to ride round the local villages, as i used to love bike riding in my younger years, hopefully that will shift a few pound.

I have eventually been allowed on here as I couldnt get a look in earlier with my son being on club penguin!! :rolleyes::D

ta-raaaaaaa for now x


Was born to shop
Nice to see my diary is sooo popular! :rolleyes::D

Anyway, it's been a busy couple of weeks, have just moved and we have no phone line so am surfing the net on a vodafone dongle! very slow but, better than nothing I suppose.

Diet wise, all is good, after gaining the lb, I lost 4lb the week after and 2.5lb the week after that, so am getting there, am mainly on red days as I find green bulk me out a bit to much, my favourite red day meal is lean turkey mince, fried in fry light, with beansporuts mushrooms and onion, with thai 7 spice sprinkled over, really tasty and really simple.

I have bought a size 12 outfit from the monsoon outlet, that doesn't fit at the moment but will be my goal to fit in to it :D

Also looking for a job, but am getting nowhere as I need something to kind of vahuely fit in with school hours, why is it so difficult?

I got slimmer of the week last week, and can say I enjoyed my first kiwi fruit from the collection the other day, I didn't realise they were so sweet. The rest of the fruit we made into smoothies for the kids, and they went down quite well.

I am currently weighing in at 10st 10.5lbs, and my target weight is 9st 7lbs, so not a long way to go, can't wait to get to my goal weight. My heaviest was 13 stone 10lb in october 07, so have lost 3 stone since then, just working my way through the last stone and a half now :D

On the valentines weekend we drove to Bude in cornwall and stayed in a lovely hotel, we had a 4 course dinner which was lovely, I had melon to start, chicken in cherry and cognac sauce with roasted veg in butter for the main, and a hand made passion fruit cheesecake for dessert, followed by coffee. I did think I would gain as I had about 5 slices of bread from the bread basket but by some miracle I still lost the 2.5lbs.

Am hitting a bit of a lull with the food at the moment so am looking out for inspiration, so I don't get to bored.

hey, well done on your loss so far, you're getting so much closer to your goal - good on ya. Have a look through some food diarys or on the recipe thread for inspiration, you'll be pleasantly surprised! xxx


Was born to shop
Thought I'd drag this dusty ole thing from the realms of yesteryear! :D

Well what can I say? Only a couple of pound from target now and really enjoying the SW way, best thing I ever did :D

Will use this diary more just to ramble I think, it's good to have a written outlet ;) :D

Am off to Blandford on sunday for the SW consultant opportunity event, so looking forward to that, to see what's involved as it's something I would be interested in doing, we don't have a SW class in my area, I drive half an hour to get to mine :)

Nothing at all exciting to report, am off to Spain the week after next to visit the inlaws, have bought some nice holiday gear, including a lovely maxi dress from peacocks, which I wouldn't have even considered before!.

Bought some gym clothes and a bike recently and also a cross trainer, so must get on with some structured exercise, no excuse :D



Trying again!!!
Hi Maria, great to see you have a diary on here :D

Your weight loss to date is so inspiring Maria and you would be a perfect SW consultant so good luck on Sunday.:)

I see you love clothes shopping just like moi ~ I did see a few lovely maxi dresses in Peacocks recently and I thought they were gorg, just perfect for Spain!

I think it's the thought of starting exercising that is actually worse than doing it ~ hopefully you will get started soon! xx
Good Morning Maria.
I have been searching everywhere to find your diary yesterday.
Great news about the outfit being to big for you. Hope you have a great time in Spain x


Was born to shop
Hellooooo guys, hope you are doing ok? :)

Well, had Wi this morning and lost 1 and a half pounds, so another 1 and a half till I get to my target weight, should be next week hopefully :D

Nothing exciting to report, picked up a bargain red silk polka dot top in monsoon for a fiver, I tell ya, that place is shopping heaven :D

Not got a lot to do today really, could do with tidying the house but my husband is away till tomorrow night so no rush on that front :D

Got my swine flu leaflet through the door today aswell, nice to know we haven't been forgotten in our war against the next plague! lol x

It's my birthday week after next and am gonna get a radical new haircut and colour from Toni and Guy, really love the assymetric bobs that are in right now.

Will prob update later if I have anything remotely interesting to say, it's looking doubtful though, and that thought is rather depressing! :D

Byzeee for now x


Was born to shop
Doh! Just as it was all going well, I caved and had a jumbo hot dog in a white roll, then finished off half of my son's, oh well, I'm gonna guesstimate at 30 syns for it, so still have 40 for the week. Will be ok I think, just make sure I eat loadsa speed food and do some work on the cross trainer.

Blinkin hot dogs!!!! can never say no x


Was born to shop
had a few funsize choccies too and have worked out I've had 55 syns today, so 15 left for the whole week, can be done I'm sure :D

Bored, Bored, Bored. thats when i tend to eat naughty things. Bought a new book yesterday so may start that in a minute :)

Feeling really sluggish and bloated after my mini binge :D why do i do it? lol ;)


Trying again!!!
Well done on your loss Maria, not far to go now! It's amazing how our emotions affect our eating isn't it? Still you can just draw a line under to-day and start afresh tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your book xx


Was born to shop
Never got round to my book :D have been playing on the laptop for the last couple of hours, was meant to do the kids packed lunches for tomorrow, but really can't be bothered now, will have to wait till the morning ;)

Im not gonna beat myself up over the mini binge, it is still within my syn allowance, just have to be extra strict till next week.


Was born to shop
Well, i've been good so far today, had a cheese toasty on nimible for breakfast with a banana, will have supernoodles for lunch and some pasta concoction for tea :D

Really didn't want to get out of bed this morning, feel sooooooo tired!
Good Morning Maria.
Well done on your 1.5 off yesterday very well done to you. Not much left now till your target.
How long has it taken you so far to loose your weight? You look so slim in your pics x


Was born to shop
Hi Gemma,


it has taken me ages, I messed about alot so about a year and a half? defo werent the short route :D

But this is the lowest I have ever been in my adult life and the only time I have seen a diet through to practically the end, Just don't think my head was there before :)

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