Marigold Bouillon


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I read somewhere that it is okay to have two cups of this a day. I purchased some earlier and wanted to double check and I found somewhere saying that you can't have it? Which is correct? I am on LL but transferring to CD a week today.


CD class the marigold boullion as too salty at 22% salt and that may make you retain water which is why they do their own version of this with a much lower salt content.

Lighterlife have a drink product that many say is exactly the same as Marigold but I don't know whether this is true.

marigold also do a low salt one, i had this occasionally on LL with no problems but i wouldnt have it twice a day every day, if you do just up the water even more.!!
Aww damn I just bought this as well and thought it was ok :( lol