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I love bananas but sometimes I fancy a 'naughty' treat :)
its really funny!!!
there was a thread about this time last year about the same thing.

remember yes they are fat free, but they do contain a lot of cals!
im going to find the thread, and bump it just so you can have a read.
ok i cant bump the thread because its too old.
yup MOST sweets are fat free i love haribo and wine gums... BUT they contain a huge amount of sugar and calories.. which although we mainly count fat with xenical its important that we watch that we dont eat too much sugar which will cause you to crave more and get headaches.... too much sugar will release energy fast causing you to slump after a while and feel low. xx


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ive not had any chocolate or sweets or anything coated in chocolate since starting the xenical,my cravings for it have stopped and i never thought i would see myself saying this but i dont miss it and i dont want it ( roses strawberry creams at xmas may be a different thing )

i nearly got some ww choclate wafer bars but i just thought nah...i didnt want to experience that chocolate taste in case my craving came back..i think its simialr to doing vlcd, they tell you that you could be hungry for the first 2 days but then it should go as your body adjusts and if you do eat you'll make your body want it more...

i did have a sip of my lads choclate fudge frijj milkshake the other day, like i tiny sip..i checked the packaging after, theyre within xenical rules and quite low in cals, surprising! :D
I once did Lighter Life which is a VLCD and it honestly nesrly killed me!! Mr doctor was horrified and the state I was in and was appauled that the nurse signed the form for me to do it, thank god I went to the docs when I did otherwise I might not be here now!!
I know what you mean about not having something, crisps were my main problem and I don't miss them at all now and I used to eat at least 2 bags a day, if I want something like that I will have snac a jacks! xx


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oooh i didnt know that...

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