Massive 10st to lose

But you don't have 10 stone to lose, you have just over 8! You are doing fantastically, remember each day makes a difference and slowly but surely you are getting to the goal that you have planned. You can do this, you are doing this. WELL DONE YOU!
You can do this!
I started Cambridge diet on 6th May, also with 10 stone to lose.

Im now half way there and it really does go by quickly

Yes you can; stop with the negative stuff. Yes in the past you ahve strated and not finsihed, but you have started this time and this is a fresh start so the old rules don't apply. This time you've got us and we are all going to help you and you are going to help others too. If it helps to break it down into one stone chunks then do it, whatever helps, but look ahead to Christmas and imagine yourself say 3 stone slimmer than you are now, that will be half that 10 stone gone, Wow, you will look amazing, by next Easter you will be at goal. Think how the year flys by, that time scale is not long. C'mon, do it, you know you deserve to.
Hiya Desperate2lose -

Definitely take it day by day, drink at least 3 litres of plain water each day and come on here to get lots of help and support when you need it and to give to others when you don't:)

You are already doing better than I did when I started with 12 stones to lose. Despite sticking to CD rigidly I only lost 2lbs on my 3rd week.

So far I've lost almost 11 and a half stone - this last stone is taking forever - entirely down to my lack of will and not the diet.

So, stick with it and in a really few short months you could be posting like this to another new starter.

You have just made me sit here with a great big grin on my face! Way to go honey!

Love and hugs
Hi desperate2lose

I know how you're feeling because I've been there too. At my heaviest I had 12st to lose (I weighed almost 22st): so I needed to lose the weight of a generous adult! By the time I started CD at the end of March, I had 9st to lose.

It still seemed daunting when I thought of nine whole months of SSing - the path ahead seemed impossibly long.
However, I've only got 3st 10lb left to go so I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I broke my goals into bite sized chunks (please excuse the food analogy!). The first stone, dropping down into the next bracket, getting under 200lb, getting into a smaller dress size, getting my wedding ring back on etc.
I've found that doing it this way makes it all seem more achievable.
I was 13st 10lb last week and my next goal is to get out of the 'teens' ... hopefully I can achieve that before the end of September.

So set yourself a mini-goal, get your blinkers on and go for it ... you'll be chalking up those achievements one by one and before you know it, you'll be staring your ultimate goal in the face!
You can do this!
I started Cambridge diet on 6th May, also with 10 stone to lose.

Im now half way there and it really does go by quickly


Hi wecandothis,

Is that the 6th of May this year you started???

I am speechless if it is!!!

WEll done!!!

Love Mini xxx
I never think of the total amount of weight I want to lose. I've estimated that I need to lose 10 stone as well but, as I've asked my counsellor (the lovely Diva), not to tell me until I am 4 weeks into the diet I don't actually know.
I simply think of the next stone and am taking it one at a time. So many people on here have actually done it, so I know it's possible.
Break it into small manageable steps and I bet it will soon fly by.

i know it seems impossible but it really isnt hun, it will take time but think how long it would take if you were doing another diet! i lost 6 stone from January - July and it would have been more if id stuck to it properly! ive got another 3 stone to go so know if i stick at it 100% il be there by november when I go on holiday. Just take it a step at a time and you will feel so motivated by the big losses time will fly by I promise you! good luck x
It seems like a mountain to climb but as others have rightfully pointed out - take it in bits...

Make each stone a turning point. It makes it all managable and certainly doable.

Good Luck

Hey D2L,
Congratulations on your start and all you have to remember is stick to the rules and you cannot fail .

You made the decision to do this and you will reap the rewards time wil fly by when the weight starts dropping off !

Good luck on your journey i have faith in you xx
10 stone can be achieved. I had over 10 stone to lose when I started and still have at least 6 st. I don't think of the whole picture but look at one stone at a time and one day at a time. That is much easier to cope with
Irene xx

I have 10 stone to lose too, you have lost 16% of your ten already thats nearly the VAT (lol).

16% wow and thats fantastic. I know it won't be easy for either of us but we can do it. You have and are doing it. I try not to think about how long I'll have to do it for . I just hope that the more I lose the more addicted/steadfast I'll become.

We can do it.

You are already well on your way. Like every one has said the time will fly by and your right, the longer you do it the more determined you will become. It's a good idea to set yourself smaller targets rather than looking at the bigger picture. It makes it all that more achieveable.
I started with 15 stone to lose back in March and I now have 7 to go!! I NEVER manage to stick to diets, except this one that is.

You can do this!!!

Jazzy xx

If it makes u feel any better i have over 14stone to loose! But i am just going to get on with it, in 5 days i have lost 11lbs already, fair enough i dont expect it to be like that all the time and hey i might even put on some weeks or even loose nothing at all with still being 100% good, but you have to remember you are doing this for a few months for you to enjoy the rest of your life and be able to do the things that you want to do!

Just look to the future!!