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Massive blip but back on it!

Hey girls, was in two mind in writing this, but i feel you have to be honest here so here it goes! I went to my charity night last night, and ate a tuna steak before i went. I had "many" vodka and soda waters but didnt really feel drunk. I didnt feel dizzy at all infact i felt fine. Went back to my brothers house afterwards and i ate pizza :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Every bite I had made me feel so guilty. After eating it i came over in hot sweats had instant heart burn and even tried to vomit! It was just not worth it, i may have tasted nice at the time but afterwards just made me feel ill!!! This morning ive got a bad hangover, but im back on the shakes!!! If i didnt have that pizza I may have gotten away with any weight gain, my weigh in is Monday so ill see what the damage is.

BUT on a positive note i had so many peopler coming up to me saying how much weight ive lost (the last time these people saw me i was 22st!) and how my dress look lovley and im looking really well. So im just concentraiting on there comments to get me through the rest of today.

(I do not at all endorse drinking alcohol while on lipotrim, this was my personal choice and I would not want to be recommending it)
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:sign0007: honesty is always the best policy, take what you can learn from this blip and dont worry to much about it. hopefully if you stay 100% today and tomorrow you should still see weight loss on monday :cross: we are all going to have testing times like this but it is what we do after that says who we are, getting straight back on shakes is the best thing to do, good luck on monday :scale: x
Well done on being so honest hunni.... forget it though now, and move ahead..... your doing brilliantly so keep it up, don`t let one minor blip spoil your massive effort so far.... hugs L xx
Just imagine how much more you would have eaten and drank last night and today if you had not been on LT! Well done for being honest and for getting straight back on it and don't be too hard on yourself x
Dust yourself off... don't waste any more time feeling bad sweetie!! Its done!! Get back on it!!

You will be fine sweetie!!!

We're all here for you!!! x
Thanks girls....this hangover is immense, had to have something to eat today so just had grilled chicken been ill all day. Tomorrow is a new day and ill be 100% ill be out of ketosis now grrrrr so ill have a few days of head achs more than likley, and Just weighed my self and im the same as i was last monday so looks like I may only end up losing 1lb on weigh in... so annoying, ive learnd my lesson me thinks.
Make sure your still getting your water down chick.... the ok thing about a re-start is you know whats coming!!! And you know it passes!!! : )

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