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Massive drop in energy levels


Surgically happy.
Since starting rtm I have had a really pronounced drop in energy levels. It's taken 2 hours to get up this morning - on Sunday I stayed in bed till 1pm (normally up before 8am).

I assume I'm no longer getting all my nutrients as I've been unable to eat the green salady stuff for week 1(have tried)).

Not hungry so still in ketosis but no weight loss. Not sure what to to - multi vit?
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Fighting Demons....
I have no clue what ur allowed to have for week 1. But if you cant eat what ur allowed, I'd go for the multivitamin option. In the short term, obviously!!

You'll be fine. Early days yet babe. Your body needs to adjust!!

B x

PS: Keep trying the green stuff. Your tastebuds can adjust you know!! Especially as it could be a mental thing that you think you dont like certain foods etc.... ;)


Surgically happy.
Thanks Beki xxx

I'll try a multivit - as I've taken the rest of the week off work now.

I'#ll ask m y mum to bring some salady crap in - might be easier if I don't have to buy it myself!
Hi Andy

Are you still having your 3 packs daily?
I have been taking a multi-vitamin tablet since starting RTM.For me it all started to stabilise in about week 3 and hair stopped falling out too.
It will get better, just takes a bit of adjusting. Remember how you felt at the start? I do..............
Stick with it Sir. xx:p


Surgically happy.
Hi SB, yeah - still having all 3 packs. I'm trying to turn it into 3 meals - I have 2 porridges together in the morning, my bar early afternoon.

I will def take a multivit to get me through this - in truth it could have been a lot worse!
Hey Andy

I was exaclty the same when I began RTM. Being in Ketosis gives you more energy for some odd scientific reason (pete?)
Stick with it though and it'll all balance back out int the end!
Maybe try and spread the 2 porridges apart. Don't forget the water. I found I was forgetting to have so much. It did make a difference when I upped it again.

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