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Massively confused !!

:confused: Hello folks, I'm hoping you can help me sort things out.
This time last yr I went on Cambridge diet which I found easy because I was undergoing major life upheaval, new start after 11yrs with Ex etc and I was DRIVEN to reclaim my life, and very busy. I lost 3 stone (from 12.12 to 9.12) and was massively happy and proud of myself.
Since xmas, however, I have slowly put 2 st back on. Several time I have tried to restart CD but, being happier, I have lost the drive so keep failing.
I have my brothers wedding next weekend so got back on CD and, though struggling, am in mild ketosis and have lost 6lb (trying to lose 14lbs so my outfit fits).
Thinking long term I was planning to go up to Cd level where you eat a small amount of white meat and veg once a day and have 3 Cd products but when I looked at the nutritional values on the products they come out at 14 or 15g Carb per item.
Surely it would be alot healthier to NOT eat the products and use those carbs to eat real proper veg etc with proper natural nutrients instead of chem substitutes ?
With that in mind I hopped over here (from cd section) to see what you guys eat and I really like what I see but am confused on 2 fronts.
Firstly, Atkins recommends 20 g carb or less for ketosis, but I am in ketosis from 45-60g carb from Cd. Is 20g the level to get into deeper ketosis and does this give better results ?
Secondly, the amount of fat/calories is a bit scary. I know Atkins frowns on low fat options but surely, if ketosis means you are burning fat, then the less fat you eat the more of your own body fat will be burnt ?
I can't get the book because I am a baby nanny, work 24hrs for 2 weeks at a time and am currently working in the middle of nowhere, and even amazon can't get to me as it is weekend and I need help now, with only 7 days to the wedding I can't afford to muck up my progress.
If I switch to atkins will I still lose weight or should I wait until after wedding to start ?
Sorry this is a novel, but am hoping someone here can advise me xxx
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this sounds like how i felt about exante. Seemed daft that they were all going on about being in ketosis when there was so much carbs in each pack i found it hard to believe ketosis was anything to do with it..... more the huge calorie deficit.

You could easily lose 15 pounds in two weeks on atkins induction, whilst eating real and decent food. You may get a little atkins flu (i got it pretty bad) but its not the same horrible shakey crap feeling you get on the total food replacement. Plus psychologically, knowing you can eat certain things in abundance actually makes me eat less anyway!!

I lost 9lbs first week of atkins so i can highly reccomend it, and 3 inches of my waist in just over a week!!


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The reason you are in ketosis on tfr diets is because of the very low calories. In atkins you have more calories but very low carbs. You cant therefore really mix the two - you would need to define what you are doing!

If low cal and eating food you would need to avoid the fat and keep cals v low
If low carb need to avoid the shakes/bars and keep carbs v low

A number of people mix and match their own diets but the benefit of doing either one or the other is it's proven on a range of people

In terms of whether it will work - unfortunately everyone is different so cant say. Some people moving from vlc to atkins dont get the initial loss and have to wait a few weeks before they start the steady losses. Atkins is not really a quick fix and more designed to be a way of eating.
Go to the official site, The Atkins Community. Fab information and the latest ideas and updates, PLUS a very good and informative forum. Recipes, too, teaching materials for each phase of Atkins, the lot.


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