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Maternity Wear

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Thought I'd post this link and perhaps we could add more.

Affordable Maternity - cheap maternity clothes, maternity clothing

They go up to a size 22, which is unusual from what I've seen in the shops :D.

Having bought some 18/20 'normal' items this week to cover my bump or at least fit round it (cardigans that are open at the front) I know that I'm going to struggle for the remainder of my pregnancy despite being a 14/16 when I fell pregnant.
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Must admit I am resenting buying maternity clothes! So far having a small bump is a bonus, I've bought a few stretchy tops one size up and things like a knitted dress for work that is uber-stretchy and they will just have to do! I like things that are quite tight around my bump though lol, bit of a show off ;)

Early on I got a few bits from eBay, I just looked for the better names like jojomaman, and the clothes I got are great.
I've just been wearing my old size 16-20's with a belly band when I can't do up the zip of buttons. I have quite a broad back anyway so my tops were always a 16/18 anyway, so have been able to stay in most of the tops I had before. The only problem now is that the belly band is not quite big enough to cover bump. I am getting round that though by having quite a few spagetti strapped tank tops, (which I have been wearing like a very low boob tube!) I am just wearing them over my bump and the belly band making sure they don't come down by tucking the straps into my bra. Convoluted I know, but so far it's relatively comfortable and I can wear most of my old clothes =)
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and here's a pickie to show you what I kind mean

the belly band is keeping my trousers up...the pink vest top is actually being used as a top, i.e over my shoulders, but I have actually taken it off my shoulders, and worn it low over a matching skirt and under a top, just to use it as a tube of material to bridge the gap! this pickie was of bump nearly 2 weeks ago, it's bigger again now! even with me trying to flatten it earlier in the week!


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I got a couple of new look t-shirts and peacock bits n' bobs, my jeans are a waste of money but hey-ho.
Nearest city is the only place that I've seen belly bands, and to be honest I'm in no rush to head up to the 'big smoke'! lol

My hardest thing is feeling comfy but well dressed for college! lol the rest of the time I'm pretty happy in track bottoms and mat t-shirts. :)


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I s aved m maternity clothed from the last pregnancy so have a few winter clothes I can wear I bought a few bits from h&m and dp has a sale on so got a few tops fiver each reduced from £18 so not bd ,som off the clothes I wore last time feel a bit tight so must be fatter this tie lol
i got my belly band from amazon, but I wouldn't recommend doing that way, as there are too many temptations to buy lots of other things!

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