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Max weight before dr authorisation??


Finally...Life begins
In general it's counsellors discression at what weight they need a Dr's signature. I personally would take other things into account, any meds, general health etc.

I assume you didn't mean, can someone become a Cambridge Diet...If you want to become a CDC you have to have a BMI of 28 or less before you can do the training. I think thats right.....the did change it......:confused:


Finally...Life begins
LOL i did mean become a CDC not a CD oops!! :)

Thanks for the reply Nicole!
Hee hee....I would become a chocolate orange bar if I could...I'd taste sooo yummy.

Anyone feel free to correct me if I got the BMI number wrong....it used to be 30 a year or so again but they changed it well before I trained, but March what when I applied....seems to long ago.......


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I believe your BMI needs to be 28 or below in order to qualify :)
I am a genius!!! Who needs to write a dissertation and do presentations......well me.....but I'm a genius!! I don't know how I keep all this random info in my head....you have probably noticed I'm rambling have been working on the same presentation for 11 hours now....going a bit mad......:p:p:p
Dear All,

Yes thats correct that you have to have a BMI of 28 or under to be a CDC.

With regards to the BMI of clients, if they have a BMI of 40 or over then a doctors signature is required.

Many thanks,
PR Exec - Cambridge Health & Weight Plan


Finally...Life begins
Thanks All :)

Helps a lot!!

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