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Maximum sweetener per day?

S: 11st10lb
Does anyone know what the maximum total amount of sweetener per day should be? That would include sweetener added to teas, yogurts etc..?

I have read before that the Dr states it should be six a day. Would this include the jelly/jello, sf gum, diet drinks?

So for example the max 5 sf gum or the 3 servings of jelly should go to make up the six max?

I normally drink black coffee in the mornings only but have started drinking green tea but must have it sweetened so add two sweetener tablets, this had me thinking about all the other sweeteners I have. :confused:
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I think it's a good thing to use some common sense here. If Dukan now sets a limit, I've no idea (cos things change constantly), because in my day he didn't. I saw some girls use masses of sweetener in every drink, yoghurt, jelly, dessert etc. then, on Conso, they found things very tough as their sweet tooths were raging. And out of ketosis, that's hard to ignore.

I try not to OD on it. Quite aside from potential health issues (we've all read the articles), I know that "sweet" is my thing, so I'm trying to correct that. Hence I make savoury muffins rather than sweet in an attempt to temper my sweet tooth.

Food for thought?
S: 11st10lb
Maintainer thank you, that does make sense. I do have a terrible sweet tooth. In fact one of the reasons my loss has been so slow is because I eat way too much sweetened dairy. It was difficult to keep it below 1 kg.

Last week thought I would try one day without the sweetened yogurt (and the oat bran) which was extremely difficult for me but was down over 2 pounds in one night! So have not had any since.

It is very difficult but have been having the sweet tea and chewing gum. Not sure if I can wean my sweet tooth completely though.:(


** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
I can't completely either... but there are areas where I can easily do without. Do you post menus?
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I do try to keep an eye on it too but what i found is the longer I follow the plan the less sweetner I need.
I was always a 2 sweetner girl in coffee and now i can drink without or with 1 depending on strength and size of cup.

Ive just come back from hols and not followed Dukan ( bad I know :eek: ) and I need 2 sweetners in coffee as couldn't taste it with 1 :eek:
Roll on next week when I know i'll be reducing back down again.

It does get easier and is well worth keeping an eye out - for health reasons etc.



Not very good at this!
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Dr D says 8 teaspoons per day. I only count physical spoonfuls that I add as you can't quantify what is in a diet coke for example.
S: 11st10lb
Maintainer, my menus are really basic. Chicken breast mostly with green salad and tomatoes or broccoli on PV days and Sometimes 5% lean mince beef or perhaps the odd lean steak. I am really keeping it as simple as possible.

I was having the moist cake with quite a bit of fromage frais added to the recipe and then also a few times (more :eek:)a day sweetened fromage frais. I have only just cut this out and now have about 3tbs added to the muffins.

Diamondx I have been on the diet since April and still have a real sweet tooth. But happy to hear it is getting easier for you. I didn't think I could possibly do without the sweetened fromage frais but I have survived! So hopefully it will for me too. Having said that I still have a need for sf gum, sweet tea etc..

M-mouse, you say you only count physical teaspoons, so does that mean you also have sf jelly and sf gum and if so do you count those?

Off subject but M-mouse do you try to only have one yolk a day?


Not very good at this!
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I have jelly but I have no idea how many spoons of sweetener in it so don't count it. I have however started measuring the sweetener that goes into my muffins rather than just pouring!


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I found it easy (ish) to cut back as I went along and started to lose my taste for sweet.
So gradually reduced the amount of sweetner added to coffee, yogurt, in muffins etc.

With yogurt cinnamon and vanilla both help with cutting the sharpness so when using either of those i could manage with half a sweetner (I liberate packets from coffee shops). Same with coffee, I adjusted to half after a while.

At the beginning of the diet we can 'get away with' more than later on, more dairy, more sweetner, commerical flavoured yogurt, but luckily our tastes begin to change as we progress and we can cut those things back. Especially as we get used to filling up on protein.


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Thanks guys, I had never twigged about the sweetener, as most of us I have a sweet tooth!! So I will now become more strict in how I measure it, which will hopefully speed the weight loss a tad!

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