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May be a bit of a personal question but...

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Is anyone on here on the pill, especially Mercilon, or ever been on it?

Ive been on it for the past 3 years and never had a problem until now. I finished my last pill packet last sunday so due to start a fresh packet monday, however, i havnt had my montly bleed yet. My OH and I have been together during the week break but I should still be covered, right..?! The packet says I should be anyway.

So now i'm confused, maybe i'm not coming on due to weight loss and diet change? Maybe i'm...well you know... which i'm not ready for yet.

Has anyone had any experiance like this before?

Thanks xxxxx
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SJ, I think you should do a pregnancy test just to satisfy yourself - I'm afraid I've never taken the pill so I can't advise, but I would have thought that there was enough left in your system to keep you safe for a week, but you never know my love, thinking of you. XX
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Thank you Donnie. I was thinking about doing a test but then also thought that I should be covered so maybe I wouldnt bother, plus they are so expensive and I really dont have the money :( Man, this is annoying lol.


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Sorry SJ, but I agree with Donnie you need to take the test, to be sure.
I know this is no consolation, but I fell pregnant with my second son while I was on the pill. Unfortunately, I had drunk too much one night, and was sick, and that obviously made me preggie :sigh:. I was on the pill for 2 years, but that made no difference.
With my last son I was on the pill for 3 years, and stopped when we decided to try one last time for a girl (failed!!). I never saw a period, and was pregnant immediately! I remember telling girls at work that we decided to try and I had stopped taking the pill. Within a week of stopping taking the pill I was so sick I couldn't go to work. My OH called work, and said I thought I was pregnant and had severe morning sickness. The girls thought I was just trying to pull a sickie, but nope, I was pregnant....
So.. just take a test for peace of mind.
You're meant to have a 7 day break form the pill so if you've been taking it properly and haven't missed any/been ill you would be covered during that 7 days.
I'm not on same pill as you but am on Microgynon. Is Mercilon a combined pill?
There have been a few occasions where I've had exceptionally light bleeds or non-existent bleeds. I mentioned it to my doctor when it first happened cos I'd missed 2 months, I had done a home pregnancy test that came back negative and the doctor got me to pee in a pot so they could do one just to make sure - it came back negative. I ended up putting it down to a change in diet, and I think it was because I'd actually put weight on (pre-slimming world!) so I would imagine same could happen when loosing weight.
I would take your pill again when you are supposed to and see what happens next 7 day break - if still worried go to your docs!
I am on that pill. I have never not had a bleed but have had months where it is really light.

If you have been stressing about it that wouldn't help as stress can mean your body does crazy things.

I know tests are expensive but if you can get one then do as it will answer the question immediately. However, if you cant then I would call the doctor tomorrow and get an appointment, they will give you a test.

Another option...do you have a walk in center near you? You could go to the walk in center today and ask them if you can do a test there?
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Is there a best time to do a test? Like first thing in the morning or on a certian time of the month? Never had to do this before you see.

Smokes, thanks for that, i was thinking along the same lines as u xx
You should do a test in the morning, and as long as its after when you should have had a period it should show positive if you are pregnant.
I'm sure periods go missing some times just to stress is out!!


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Sorry SJ, can't advise on best times.
In my preggie days we didn't have the home tests, and had to go the the GP at least 7 days after the date of missed period, and then had to wait a week for the result! Home test would have been so much less nerve wracking!
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Well i finished my last pill packet monday, so should have come on Thursday(ish). I reckon its stress related... I HOPE it's stress related!
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I done a test this morning...it was negative which im thrilled about :) still a mystery why i havnt come on this month but hey-ho! thanks for the advice all xx


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Hi SJ,

I use to be on microgynon so im not too sure about your pill specifically but i know when i was on mine i use to not bleed on my break and bleed once i had started taking them again and sometimes i would just miss the entire months bleed so its not too strange my doc said it just meant that my walls hadnt built up enough to have anything to break down soz tmi!! lol

What im trying to say is i wouldnt worry too much, it can be because of diet change, too much stress, and lots of other reasons

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Its actually a myth that stress can delay your period it can delay ovulation which would in turn delay your period but seen as you are on the pill your periods are forced periods for the same time each month. I would either speak to your gp or stay off the pill for a few days longer (you will be safe because you aren't near ovulation but might want to take precutions just incase) and your period should turn up.
I got pg on the pill when I was younger I had been on it years had no slip ups and didn't know i was pg till i misscarried at the time i was young and didn't ask how far gone I was. Now older and know alot more about how things work because I was ttc for my son for 5 years I know I was quite far gone cause I passed a ball the size of my hand. (and i didn't know I was pg)
which test did you use hun and did u do it with first sample?
chances are it could just be a hormone shift but best to check with your gp
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Yeah I done two tests (one a tesco value and one was a clear blue), one in the evening and one in the morning, they both came up negative which was good :D I have now started taking my pill again so maybe next month will be better lol. Thank you all for your support and advice once again.

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