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  1. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    OK, I am taking on a challenge of being 100% on TFR for all of May (and maybe beyond, we'll see; small steps!). Who's with me??

    I've been so disgusted at myself for yo-yoing so much over the last few months (I'm back up to 11 st 12lbs now, having hit a lowest weight of 10 st 9 only in February!), but I've decided to let go of that disgust, leave the past in the past and start fresh.

    I'm sick of the way I am at life lately anyway, I have a number of things to take to task. I have a PhD thesis to finish (long overdue, should have finished last year), LOADS of knitting projects to finish, loads of books I've been meaning to get around to reading, loads of admin stuff I'd let pile up, etc.
    I also have a boy on my mind, and I want to be slimmer, more productive and more confident before I talk to him about...stuff.

    I also got the bad news that I suffer from Reflux Laryngitis - a type of upper-esophagus acid reflux which affects the throat and causes your voicebox and vocal cords to swell, rendering your voice husky and lumpy and sore and Marge Simpson-like. As a singer, this is making me incredibly unhappy! I've learned that among the things that help with this are 1) losing weight and 2) improving your diet! So, hopefully LT will help me regain my vocal strength.

    I'm going to post in here every day for the 31 days of May, and post my achievements; whether I was 100% on TFR, whether I completed certain tasks, did any exercise, drank my water, got up early, got work done, reached deadlines, met milestones, etc. That way I'm liable to y'all and there'll be no cheating ;-)

    Wish me luck! And if anyone else feels like taking a similar challenge, join me! :)
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  3. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Welcome Kirby! Challenge accepted! lol. Tho i prefer the one day at a time method!

    Well done for rejoining us. It could be the best thing you ever did. You are fairly small at 11 12! (Gosh i would love to be 11 lol) So you will reach goal fairly quickly i imagine!

    It sounds like you have plenty of projects to keep you busy! Good to keep busy on lipo. The time goes quicker. And sorry to hear about your illness.

    I wish you the very best with all

  4. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Wat a good challenge. You can do it kirby x

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  5. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    Thanks lads! Nice to hear supportive things :)

    Ok. I'm normally against the idea of weighing every day, but just for May I'm going to do that. A gain on Lipotrim is usually down the water retention, so if I see a gain between one day and the next it will encourage me to drink more water, which can only be a good thing!

    Ok, so, Day 1 (yesterday).

    Weight: 11st 12 and a half.
    Food: 100% TFR.
    Water: Litre and a half, plus herbal teas (could be better)
    Knitting: an hour
    Thesis: zero (argh)
    Reading: zero (argh)
    Exercise: 40 min walk.

    I was really cranky and grumpy and depressed with very little energy... Day 1 Syndrome! ;-)
  6. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    I feel so crap for bailing on my own challenge, but a few days after it started I found out I have to have a small operation next Tuesday and an examination by a gastroenterologist. They want me to stick to a normal diet until they take a look at me :-(.

    But I'm going right back on track as soon as it's over, if I get the go-ahead!
  7. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    I am back on now and being very good. On my own scales it shows that I have lost over half a stone in six days!

    I had one hiccough which wasn't my fault - I had to go into the hospital again to get something small done, and they made me eat something before I left, just so they could be satisfied that I *could* eat, and gave me toast. Sigh. And I was in ketosis already when that happened god-dammit! Lol. Back on track straight away the next day though :)
  8. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    Ok! So, May ended up being ridiculous. Lots of bad luck... a week after my operation, I stepped on a sewing needle and it got embedded in my foot and I had to have it surgically removed. More hospital, more hospital food, and I went home to stay with my parents for a few days, and they don't know I'm (intending to be) on Lipotrim. So.

    The May Challenge has become The June Challenge.

    Started today. TFR. Aiming for five weeks, hoping to shift 20 lbs in that time.

    Here goes :)

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