May I join you?

Jackie r

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Hi all,

I have been following a VLCD now for some months. Started on LL then changed to CD and would have carried on if I hadn't got a virus which made my heart murmur play up!
Anyway, following medical advice, I'm changing to Slimming World to get off my last stone. I know I can do this, and am determined to do so. Any help and info would be appreciated. I am off to find out when the classess are.

Hi and welcome,
all dieters are welcome here and you will find loads of people doing the SW diet plans.
i am a LL myself on management, I did try SW a few years ago but as I am not good with portion control ,the free food was an open invitation to stuff my fat chops all day long!!!

if you have done LL then you will ahve learnt alot about your self and hopefully that will be useful to you when making your food choices, good luck and keep posting.
Well today my diet has gone out of the window. The company I am going to work for in February promised to make me an offer I could not refuse and I didn't, couldn't and wouldn't have wanted to.
As a result I have overdoen the champers today and intend to do the same on Friday.,
Oh well I will start again on Saturday.

Thanks everyone.

Well done Jackie on your new job and it is a time to celebrate!!!

So happy for you!!!:D

Thanks Mini,

Still have to tell the boss!!!!!!

That can wait until next week. I'm still flying and will be teaching all day so will be as high as a kite when I get home. (I love teaching, they are all adults so want to be there).
Speak soon