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Maybe newbie.. wanting to know more.


*Avid Gum Chewer*
I've been on the Exante site a couple of times lately, and really think a vlcd or a meal replacement diet will help me shift some of the pounds that simple exercise and healthy (well.. kinda healthy) eating hasn't been doing the past couple of weeks. I initially looked at the 'slim and save' vlcd, it seemed alright but some people didn't like to seem to like the meals (meals, other than soups). I was kinda of put off by the fact Exante is a very.. liquid diet, well apart from the bars. A little bit of information from people who are using Exante to help them shift unwanted weight would be very appreciated. I have also been looking at the variety pack that Exante has (The one that is 37 pound, I believe), Has any one else bought.. did you think it was bad, ok, etc..?

Edit: Also, information on how much you have lost would be helpful too and how many weeks it took you to lose that much.
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If you bought the variety pack you would get all the flavours they do, so its good place to start. With postage it is £42 though, if you order before 1pm it will come the next working day. Most lose a stone a month, more in the first month though.
I think in order to do a vlcd diet you have to make the decision to abstain from food - so liquid is really the only way you are going to get your nutrients. If the thought of a majority liquid diet puts you off then a vlcd is probably not for you.

I personally find it hard to moderate when food is around, so cutting food out is the easiest way to go for me. It might seem like a strange notion for someone who is overweight, but that's the way i think. In the mean time doing Exante i am learning a lot about myself and my food habits, and the fact that i can survive without it, so that when i reach goal i can hopefully maintain and not gain it all back again.

Flavour wise it's each to their own. If you can afford it i'd order a sample of single packs and see what you like. I don't like soups so i only do shakes and bars. If you can't afford to do that or you want to get started soon then just order what you think you'd like - you make a big saving ordering the bumper packs that do you 4 weeks, and it's an incentive to keep it going.

You can see my weight loss in my signature :)

Hope that helps x


*Avid Gum Chewer*
I think at first the thought of cutting out all solid food was what put me off, not the actuall fact that it is mainly a liquid diet. Though, thinking about it I don't actually eat 'solid' food regularly and when I do its usually junk food (which I know is really bad).


has some slim place to be
Hi popup,

VLCD's are not for everyone but i think it is the type of thing if you do not try you wont know, the first week is one of the hardest but it is well worth the journey. Your only option is not total solutions, you could do the plan and add small meal if you think you will find the shakes only hard. You don't even have to make that decision now, if you find you can not do total solutions you can swap it after you have given it a go. Personally I prefer the food option removed, it makes it easier as i do not have decisions to make, the answer is just no.

In terms of shakes choices etc everyone's taste buds are different and they seem to change as you go along. I dont even think about what flavor I get out the draw anymore, it's just the fuel my body needs whilst it makes the transition to the slimmer me.

Good luck
Hola, a bit late on replying but i thought i would comment. All the above are correct, it isn't for everyone and socially it can be tough but after a while you get used to it and you actually feel empowered saying no thank you. Its incredible to actually see your body change in front of your own eyes. Its not the amount of weight but more how you feel with every loss.

The good thing about exante over other vlcd is that you can always swap to working or simple solution. You are in control. I kinda like knowing i "can't" have that food.

I have the shakes and bars. I've never liked the soups and i can heat up the shakes and bars if i want something warm.

I think its a personal decision and only you know if you can or can't do it. Most of all, make sure its right for you, forget the little humps along the way and enjoy whatever route you take. Hope that helps!


*Avid Gum Chewer*
Thanks for all of the replies, this is some of the information I have found out from others following the Exante diet (By reading posts, and frequently asked questions).

  • That I can reduce the ammount of carbs I intake, and increase the amount of water I consume before I start my diet, so my body wont be in such shock when I am going thorugh the tougher stage of the diet (the beginning, well so I have been told).
  • That it would be good to take before, during and after pictures to see how I am doing during the diet, as I might not notice when looking at myself in a mirror.
  • That it can take between 2-3 days for your body to settle while on the diet. Though, it can take longer to get fully into ketosis and in the first few days, I could feel headache-y, tired and/or hungry.
  • That I should know when I'm in ketosis without ketostix, as I most likely wont be feeling any hunger and I may have a metallic like taste in my mouth.
  • That I can lose alot of weight in the start (first week), like 4-14lbs. Though some people have lost 2 stone in the first month.. and then it has dropped slightly to a stone a month.
  • That I can drink things other than water, like coke zero (but I would only do that as a treat).
  • That I will most likely be hungry the first few days, but after I'm in the ketosis state my cravings should be more manageable.
  • That I can exercise during the diet, even with the low ammount of calorie intake. But I would have to wait for my body to settle to using the diet.. and remember to drink lots of water, so I don't get dehydrated.
sounds about right! They say a 1litre per 50lbs of body weight but most drink about 3 litres really. Its not good for you to drink too much or alot quickly so try to really space it out.

Ketosis is a weird thing. I found my breath was a bit stinky, again metallic taste and smell. Its hard to get rid as well, just drink water as its the acetone, a byproduct of ketosis and drinking water flushes it from your system. Its horried but you know its working!

I didn't experience any headaches but i was drowsy and a bit naggy. Try to keep yourself occupied in the first few days - watch films, dvds, cleaning, the forum! You don't realise how much time you spend round food til you're without it.

Easy on the exercise til you feel comfortable and only gently does it, your body has to use fat stores so it takes time and any vigorous activities could make you light headed or keel over like i did after snowboarding lessons! They say slow burn like walking and (if you already are a runner) jogging etc. There is some debate where resistance workouts will do anything because arguably you don't have enough protein for muscle recovery etc but i'l leave that subject alone!

and definitely take photos - its amazing to just see your posture change when you lose weight and feel more confident!
Fantastic list Pop Up, that would be a useful sticky for those considering Exante.
If you do decide to do it, and I hope you do, I wish you every success :)
I am only on day 4 but I would recommend doing Exante, it is one of the cheapest VLCD you can do.

I think I am in ketosis as I have the smelly breath and don't feel hungry really, although tele adverts make me have cravings sometimes! I haven't yet had the energy everyone seems to be talking about though, I am still really tired and been getting ready for bed very early although hopefully that will come.

This forum is fantastic as motivation and has really helped me to keep going!

I looked at the scales this morning and it says 10 pounds in 4 days so far, I am so shocked as I only have 2 stone to lose anyway. Hopefully it will carry on if I continue at 100% xx
hi chubbers - random question completely unrelated - you are my height and goal weight, what dress size are you?

it sounds bizarre and i started a forum topic on it but my goal weight is based on my lightest weight ever and i think i'l want to continue past it when i get (hopefully) get there. So just curious really!
What's your height?
at 5ft 4in - a "healthy" BMI is 66kg (145lbs) - not that i believe in BMIs. I'm happy not being obese - one more lb and i'm out of that category!!
At 5ft 5, im aiming for 147lbs and know that im slim but another 14lbs off that would be great. But i know id be a comfortable size 10/12 at 147lbs :)
hi chubbers - random question completely unrelated - you are my height and goal weight, what dress size are you?

it sounds bizarre and i started a forum topic on it but my goal weight is based on my lightest weight ever and i think i'l want to continue past it when i get (hopefully) get there. So just curious really!
I am a 12-14, I do have quite broad shoulders and hips though and a muscular frame.
You will be able to get there! I am the same I think I will always want to continue to be just a bit smaller than what I am!
How are you getting on? xxx
trueblue i have to ask - what is aerobiking? sounds intriguing!
hi chubbers, i always seem to be a size 16-18 (more the 18) even at my lowest weight which was 167lb. I'm quite broad on my hips and shoulders. Maybe i just thought i was that size because i have been most of my life. I never want to wear anything to fitted. I think i'l have to shed that little insecurity!
chubbers - forgot to add! i'm getting on ok thanks. 13lbs off so far and week4 weighin is this monday. its my birthday this weekend and I'm taking sunday lunch off for dinner.

I stayed 100% when i was on lighterlife but i don't mind this time having a few special events interrupt it. I'm trying to keep low or no carb and making sure i get out for a run the day after. So i'm pretty chuffed anyway.

How are you getting on?
Koodygirl, with clothes size there are so many things that seem to affect it... 1. the shop you get clothes in - at the moment I have 10s to 16s and all of them fit depending where I got them from and 2. I'm the same I would prefer to get a size bigger in something rather than it feel tight whereas I have friends who are the same size as me who will never buy bigger than a 12 but sometimes I think that makes them look bigger than they are because it is too tight.

Wow well done... it definitely seems better to plan to have days off rather than not enjoy yourself on special occassions. And anyway, this is for life hey so no rush!

Do you think exercise has helped your weightloss? I have lost 10lbs so far but I haven't done my official weigh in yet, obviously most of that is water and I don't feel any smaller yet except maybe a bit less bloated. I think I am going to start jogging so that I can tone up a bit at the same time


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