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Maybe Starting up Again?


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Hi All,

My name is Jennie and I used the cambridge diet over a year ago and had success with the program. Unfortunately I had some medical things come up and before I knew it, I got married, pregnant and had a baby! Well now I'm 3 months postpartum and considering starting CD again.

I am a bit concerned about having enough energy to get throughout my day though! I work full time (about 50-60 hours per week), have a newborn at home and will be starting my masters program within the next few months. I'm afraid that on CD, I won't have the mental and physical energy to deal with it all. I know I'll have a burst of energy when I hit keto, but will I have enough energy to work off 3-4 hours of sleep a night?

What do you think? I'm looking to do SS initially.

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Maybe try a higher cal step like 1000 to start with? Good Luck with whatever you decide xx


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I think you'd find it pretty tough. I'm not saying it's impossible - emmapetty is here and doing Cambridge successfully with a newborn, but I don't think she's working the hours you're working (my apologies if I'm wrong about that, Emma x).

What other diets have you tried? I know Cambridge is quick - but it's brutal. You're going to be sleep-deprived already. Add stress from working all those hours and from doing your Masters... I guess you've got to weigh up how likely it would be that you'd fall off the wagon on a regular basis.

If you're confident that you can give the diet your all for say, 4 months, then it's worth doing. If on the other hand, it's more likely that you'll be 100% for a fortnight, then fall off the wagon, mess about for a couple of weeks, gain weight then get back on the wagon - then fall off again... then frankly, in my most humble opinion, you'd be better off with a plan that'll let you eat. Like Slimming World or Weightwatchers, for example. If you're going to do the diet-relapse-diet cycle, you'll do far less damage to yourself on a conventional diet - and probably lose more weight in a shorter space of time in the end.

Sorry, that sounds so harsh and I kind of hate myself for writing it because I love Cambridge and the quick-fix nature of it.

But you're in a really vulnerable position at the moment, hun. It's hard enough to diet with a little one, let alone do Cambridge with a little one, a stressful job and a degree to get through.

Hugs for whatever you decide though. :hug99: Like I said, it's not impossible to do Cambridge - but you really do need to weigh up what's best for you, your husband, and that lil' bundle of joy who's depending on you x (congratulations, by the way :))
Don't put your self or your baby through it. My daughter turned 5 yesterday and it's only 29 days ago I was strong enough. Slowly increase the intensity of your dieting, try slimming world it's so easy and you can have pasta and sauce if you too sleepy to function. Aim for cd when little ones sleeping through x


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Thanks for the feedback ladies. As an update I will not be beginning my masters, I just realized that it wasn't really possible with everything else going on. As far as trying other diets however, I actually have a dead thyroid gland (literally) and even with medical supplements, normal diets do absolutely nothing. I've tried weight watchers, nutrisystem programs etc and nothing really does anything. My options are a weight loss surgery (that I would have to pay $25,000 out of pocket for) or a similar to cambridge program through the hospital here that costs $700 a month. Buying the shakes and doing it myself with cambridge is $150. My doc supports doing it, but its just going to be something i'll have to really commit to. I think I might give it a go!

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