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Maybe we could have a 'questions about food' thread/ sticky?

Sorry if I'm being out of line and dragging up a sensitive topic, but I was just thinking that maybe a sticky or thread for specific food questions (e.g. carb counts of particular things) could be made - so that people who don't mind food talk could go on it and people who do would know to avoid it? I know we have the recipes section but that still doesn't seem to get visited too much - I know I tend to hang about mostly on the main exante forum or the total solution one, and I think thats what lots of people do.
Just an idea! Thought I'd post it as a thread to see if anyone else agreed. I know personally there are days when I'm perfectly happy to talk about food and try to help out with carb counts, etc - and days when I really need to block out the fact that there's any food out there other than my trusty packs!
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Sounds like a good idea to me!
I think this is a good idea, don't think the main forum should be used for it cos poor wee TS's (currently moi) see it. I suggested previously an aam thread for something similar but was that was what main thread was for.

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Stictly speaking the TS section is for no food. Food can be discussed on the main forum and thats not a problem, what was becoming a problem was when people were posting about food that is clearly not AAM/WS type food.

Most people on here have no issues with people coming on and asking/talking about WS/AAM food but its when it gets to be descriptions of meals which are clearly inappropriate for any part of a VLCD that its a problem :)
I personally have no issues with ketogenic food being discussed. Days off plan and WS can be a mine field. I do really have a problem with the type of food we know we can't have being brought up

I don't think we can exclude food talk from the main section If people feel strongly that they don't want to see any food then there's the TS section

Its really about striking a balance and how best to do that


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Hi everyone :)
I personally don't mind reading about any kind of food. But this is me. I have to deal with food every day at work. And it is all kind of food we are not allowed to have on VLCD. I only add that this is a bakery, where I work and we also sell all take away hot dishes you could imagine.
But as I wrote: this is me. I am used to it.

Exante is TFR diet. This is to replace ALL food for a while. To keep it away from us. To stop us thinking about and want it for a while. And yes, the best, most yummy, and desired one is what we can not have when we are on this diet. There is a little bit joy left for us on AAMW and it's all good, ketogenic stuff we can eat. Everyone knows about it pretty well.

Before we started this diet, we did some research. Most of us know what's packed with carbs, fat, calories. We all know what is forbidden. And the best and easiest way not to dream about this kind of food is just cut it off from our life, for a while, as much as we can. To stop talking about it, to stop thinking about it, to stop reading about it.
Everyone has good days, when feels strong. But also some days are really hard. When it's not easy, we struggle not to fall off the exante wagon. So, what we do? We try to distract ourselves, we come here, to this forum, exante forum, to find all the support needed, reading posts, talking to people who goes through the same. We try to support each other as much as we can. And 10/9 it does work.

I personally can't see the reason for another sticky thread "questions about food'. This is just my opinion.
If someone is looking for AAM recipes, ketogenic food, what is allowed to drink, there are threads about it. So which kind of food would be the questions about then? Things we can't have on this diet?
Would it help anyone? To think, talk, maybe see pics of things which can not have at all? For what? If someone is missing this kind of food, it's enough to turn on tv, buy a food magazine, go to the shop and there is plenty to dream about in there.
I don't think we need such a thread.
And I don't think it would help or do any good to someone, who is not as strong as some of us are.
Again. This is total food replacement diet. We are slimming here and this is what we should focus on.
As I wrote before, this is my opinion. I can read about anything. But 8/10 of us dieters is struggling everday to stay 100%TS.
Please, everyone, if you are strong, that's cool. But help those who is not.

Biggie :)
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Thank you Starlight :)
Maybe it would help if the Exante Recipes sub-forum was called Exante Recipies and AAM (or similar)??? There seem to be lots of questions/posts coming onto the main boards that could be helpfully redirected there so that all the information is in one place for us when we get to AAM weeks. I don't feel strongly about it all - just a thought :)
Yeah then all food talk could be moved into there, keeping it away from the main area here... I get why it shouldn't be blasted about but some people have circumstances where they have to eat food, and there are actually three plans for exante to be fair (even though yes TS is the most popular)
I agree - could be renamed 'Exante recipes and food' or something, might get more traffic then too. The main board could still be for support, etc, when struggling, but with specific food questions redirected to the recipes forum.


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I thought the main forum was for general talk including food issues. We don't need two forums where we have to avoid food that's not really what it's about.

I want to feel I can come and moan about anything here even I also post on the TS forum too when it's appropriate. I am in TS. I mean let's face it everyother television advert is about food, and every magazine you buy. We all eat food and go shopping and feed our families. It's a way of life whether we diet or not. So making another feed free zone is not the answer.


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I should add I'm not talking about three course meal food. I'm simply saying if I need to moan 'I fell off the wagon' or if someone said something to me sort if posts.
Bobbi said:
I should add I'm not talking about three course meal food. I'm simply saying if I need to moan 'I fell off the wagon' or if someone said something to me sort if posts.
It's the 3 course meal food ones that are ultimately the ones causing the problem

I do agree that as we have the TS section then the main forum should as always be for all other posts

Let's hope the 3 course ones don't crop up often. After all we do all know you can't just eat normally and expect to stay in ketosis.

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