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Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by slimmerkay, 11 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. slimmerkay

    slimmerkay Silver Member

    I had lunch about 40 minutes ago. A low fat fish pie (2.0g per 100) and some cherries and a cup of tea with semi-skimmed milk.

    Well I've just had to go to the loo suddenly and there was LOADS of that oily orange stuff.

    I thought you only got that if your meal had been high in fat??
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  3. babymable

    babymable Full Member

    Remember that it can take time for you to see side effects, it could have been what you ate yesterday, maybe its just effecting you now.
  4. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    The fish could have been oily even though low in fat?
  5. slimmerkay

    slimmerkay Silver Member

    OK both of those suggestions make sense. Thanks :)
  6. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    No i know what is exactly wrong here.

    Xenical does not know the difference between good and bad oils and fish in high in GOOD oils but unfortunatly xenical still removes this oil... so your side effects are down to the fish even though its low in fat.. i had salmon ONCE and wont make the same mistake again

    trial and error in most cases , least you know now.

  7. slimmerkay

    slimmerkay Silver Member

    Thanks for that :)
  8. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    very welcome xxx

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