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Me again with my weird questions

Hello, i have some more questions for you all which i hope you can all answer:

- Bowel movements – I am still going regularly but they are not solid, is this normal or is it a sign that my tummy does like the diet?
- Back ache – any one experience this on the diet, never suffered from it before, 3 days in and I have the worse pain and it hasn’t gone away?
- Colds today is day 7 on the diet and ive got a cold, its not ‘cold season’ could the diet lower my immune system?

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Th first week my bowel movements were a bit loose, aftr the first week they got less often lol (altho i have nw practically stopped eatin the bars and i go pretty regular)

Back-ache i have no idea hun sorry

I have been sick a couple times since i started. Once with the cold, then a sickness bug. Im not sure if its maybe low-immune system or just coincidence.....


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The runs are quite common until you get used to it. Had a few close calls with what I thought might be wind.......:eek:

Backache...not had that.

Illness.....I think you would have caught it anyway!

Keep at it, all will be well in the long term.;)


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Hiya, if the backache is around where you would put your hands on your hips at the back, it could be your kidneys having a bit of a grumble. I've had it a few times and I know it was on days when I hadn't kept my water levels as high as normal. You do need to make sure you drink loads to flush your kidneys of those ketones.
Hope you feel better soon x


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Ive not been unwell on this diet and bowel movements were loose at first and know not at all . Backache i have had a couple but dont think its related to the diet . Hope this helps if your worried go to the doctors x
Thank you all, the pain in my back spreads across my lower back but the main point is at the base of my spine, i did originally think it could be my kidneys but had a look on NHS direct and i don’t have the main symptoms - i guess im feeling sorry for myself as i feeling a bit run down.
As always i appreciate all of your advice and kind words


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It's well documented that starting a vlcd can mess with your bowels. It can go either way and is just up to the individual! I've also had backache a few times but nothing serious and has passed pretty quickly.
As for your imune system it's doubtful it's compromised by this as the packs contain all your body needs for 100% daily nutrition. In fact it's probably better than when you're eating your usual diet. Catching a cold is just bad luck.


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ah, finally I can get it off my chest (as it were!). I've never, ever had bowel problems until Exante. I was going about every 3-4 days (despite drinking gallons) and I have to say (look away now men) it was easier pushing my second son out!


reaching my goal
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lmfao !

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