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Me again!


Silver Member
Have eaten really well again this week but feeling down about it all again. I'm not even really sure why I'm writing this. I guess I was just wondering if anyone else ever feels the same. I can't believe I've let myself get this way in the first place :(

self pity is awful, isn't it?

Sorry for the whingey post!

Good luck to all xxx
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It might not be your weight that's getting you down. It could be something else.

I often get down over stupid things, fortunately it only lasts a few days. But years ago I suffered from depression & when I came out of it all I realised I just didn't want to be like that again. So now when I feel a little bit down I talk positive to myself & do things which make me happy, like going for a walk, listening to music, going for a long pamper shower.

Just look at all the nice things you have in life & tell yourself how good you are.


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Thanks. I think work is stressing me out too, so it's probably that too. I haven't fallen off the wagon, so that's one positive! :D


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Ok. Definitely my weight. I'm becoming obsessed I think and not in a good way. Keep going on wii and doing body test. Change in weight annoys me on there and then I do another which weighs me...but they weigh too often and it's not good for me, is it? Can't carry on if there's a mirror around as I analyse my fat tummy. Grrr! Definitely my weight that's getting me down today :(


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That's another reason that I try to avoid going on the scales until I have my WI. I think my moods would be up and down all week depending on the number shown.

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