Me again .. :(


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Hey guys, since my last post I have been in hospital and only came out yesterday. My body collapsed due to and undected viral infection. I am on antibiotics till monday and then can resume back to CD on tuesday. I feel so low ad wonder will I ever succeed in losing 3 stones till the middle of May. My doctor said I can go back on CD once I am off antibiotics but I just feel like a failure. :(
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You are NOT a failure, you were very ill hunny and your health is more important than weight loss at this moment in time, get yourself better, listen to your doctor then get back on CD when you are 100% x x x


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Please dont worry about that feeling it will pass. i think that half the battle of continuing on the CD is in the mind. It does seem to get slightly easier as the days go on. It is an incredibly hard thing to do and requires a lot of inner strength but I know there is no gain without pain.


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Hope you feel better soon hun xx


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maheen, your health comes first, BEFORE anything . cd will always be here, take your time and get better and eat what you need to in order to feel better. take care honey.

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you are not a failure and you need to concentrate on getting better now.