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Me again....!


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Hi :)

First of all, thanks to all for your replies to my previous post. I have decided to give the Dukan another go... I am determined to get it right!

However, I am really confused with understanding the "bones" of the diet. For me, generally I understand two different ways of weight/fat loss - calorie counting where you follow a low fat diet and create a calorie deficit... or carb counting where you dont touch low fat products, you eat healthy fats and keep your carbs low.. then you switch the type of fuel you are burning.

I thought this diet worked in that the calories are kept low because of the high protein keeping you full longer and the low fat dairy products being low in calories.

But someone (Vicky I think! - Hi!) replied to me saying I could be going wrong because I was going in and out of ketosis... I didnt think Ketosis came into this diet? I have done Atkins before (didnt work out for me) and I understand the Atkins diet completely and how it works.. I understand why you dont eat low fat anything on the Atkins diet because low fat foods are very high in carbs as they remove the fat but they add sugar...and lots of it.... and therefore you dont burn Ketones.

That week and a half I was on the diet.. I lost weight but I was feeling terrible... tired and lethargic. I had a "durrr" moment because I realised I hadnt been drinking enough water and also I had forgotten about the oatbran...!

But I just wanted to comment about the confusion about my understanding of the ketosis thing...

I suppose I should go and order the book... it would be fully explained in the book wouldnt it?... I didnt want to go out and buy yet another diet book (so expensive here in New Zealand) and so I was just trying to piece together stuff I have figured out on the internet..

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Hello again. You will naturally go into ketosis as you are eating low carbs.
you dont need to count carbs fat or cals on this.
I do suggest you really get the book before starting again though hon.
Try again with strict attack when you do No NUTS!!!

best of luck x


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If you were feeling slightly light headed and giddy for a day or two, that could be "normal". Longer and I'd say you probably weren't eating enough protein. When eating protein, we are full quicker and as this diet is low calorie (even though we don't count them), I'm regularly telling people on our menu thread to EAT MORE PROTEIN!

Check out our menu thread and see what others are eating.

The ketosis with Dukan is light but the mere fact of eating lots of protein helps with cravings and hunger.

I hear you re books and cost etc - and I swore LONG BEFORE Dukan never to spend another PENNY on the "diet industry" but this one really is worth the read...

You could bumble by without the book, but you'd need to stick around, put your menus up in advance so that we've time to advise and correct, and with the time difference that could be awkward.

Anyway check out our meals. I don't recall your current weight or your Dukan true weight (if you don't know the latter, google the official UK Dukan site and go to the free calculator - it's a good one as it doesn't give unrealistic target weights, but uses criteria not used in others).

Good luck!

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