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me again!!!

:p Hello there everyone, hope everyone is managing ok and not cheating (dont do it, its not worth it!!)
Ive lost just over 2 stone but for some reason I feel really fat today!!! Whats that all about!!! has anyone had this problem? My tummy looks big and I feel like a balloon!!!!
Apart from that and the fact that I am starving, I am fine!! ha ha ha!!!!
Bought loads of Easter eggs for my little ones yesterday, every year they eat whats inside them and leave the egg, the egg is my best bit so I usually eat them but not this year!!! it will kill me but I know if I eat one I will only be letting myself down so I'll stick to a sniff instead of a taste!!!!
Keep up the good work everyone!!!

Week 1 - 5lb
Week 2 - 4lb
Week 3 - 4lb
Week 4 - 4lb
Week 5 - 6lb :p
Week 6 - 5lb
Week 7 - 0lb :cry::cry::cry:
Week 8 - 7lb :D
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whooo good for you for having a positive outlook about easter eggs - do not eat them!!

Give them away or something or bin them straight away!!!

Dont worry about having a bad day - everyone has 'fat' days its just part of life - nobody feels good everyday. It will pass honey :D x


I will be skinny again!!!
Step away from the eggs lol!!

the good thing is that chocolate keeps for a while, Keep it for having a bit a day after you have done your refeed properly! Thats what Im doing :)


Glug Glug Glug
Well done on such strong will power!
Im dreading it hehe.

And as for the feeling fat..i think even the skinniest girls have their fat days. :)


Here we go again!
Not so bothered about chocolate myself now, that's a first! I will leave having a little choc until I am on holiday and have done refeed.

Well done for being so strong with the kids choc though floridagirl. Like you said it's just not worth it. To think you may have to go through the early days again for an easter egg is so not worth it. Stay strong and have a lovely easter!


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Last year I broke up all the kids eggs into a big box and we used them to make krispie cakes !

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