Me and my nephew 1 year weightloss picture


now got pictures in album
S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
Just messing about and realised that I had two pictures similar from this year and last year, my gorgeous nephew has grown so quickly and is now 1 years old. This time last year I was so unhappy about my weight, I didnt know anything about CD, and then three months on, my whole life changed, and now I feel like I have been given hope. Still got a long long way to go but really trying to stay and keep motivated.

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impossible is nothing
S: 22st7lb G: 11st0lb
he has grown.. you have shrunk!!

well done, you look fab xxx


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Wow - very impressive're looking great


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OMG.....Lillypop you are such an inspiration to me, I have just read your blog, its fantastic ......

I am struggleing after coming off SS for Xmas :sigh:, but today is day 1 and after reading your blog / posts I feel positive I can get the motivation i had a few weeks ago back :D

Also, I just would like to say, your Georgous !!! (inside and out) :D:D

You will make that 10st 4lb and i will be here with everyone else congratulating you ;)


Trying to stay healthy!
wow you look absolutley fab, what an amazing difference, you must be soooo chuffed with yourself!!
Good luck for 2009 and reaching your goal!



not for long hopefully
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You look great, well done, it's an inspiration to us all!
All the best


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Hi Lillypop

You look fantastic - thanks for posting the photos. It gives us all hope that it can be done !!! You will get to your goal weight in no time.

Thanks Sharon xxxx


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What a difference - you look fabulous

Well done


mrs c

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The photos are lovely, and tell their own story, well done, you are doing so good.xx


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How fantistic do you look???

Keep up the good work!

Jan xx


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OH WOW!!!!

You look FABULOUS!!!! Not long to go now!!!

You are definately an inspiration to all us newbies